Love all, miniature fiber spectrometer can be used for water quality on-line detection

by:FOT     2020-07-08
Water chemical oxygen demand ( chemicalxygendemand鳕鱼) , total phosphorus, ammonia nitrogen, hexavalent chromium, lead, anionic surfactant ( anionicsurfactants,) And volatile phenol important water quality parameters, such as on-line detection of targets; Traditional is to use chemical detection, this method many factors are main drawback is that the strong interference chloride ion interference, long testing time, real-time performance, can produce secondary pollution. Using the spectral method is applied to the water quality on-line detection of the method, the Dutch AvaSpec - ULSi2048L miniature fiber optic spectrometer successful application of water quality parameters on-line detection, principle of the method is based on the lambert Beer's law, the AvaSpec - 200 - ULSI2048L spectrometer spectral range 950nm; Wavelength accuracy is 0. 2nm; Spectrum sampling interval 0. 6nm; Characteristics of the spectrometer is mainly small easy to OEM integration, low power consumption, more parameters, test speed, high precision, high repeatability, satisfy the harsh field environment, high temperature stability. The Netherlands Avantes company as OEM spectrum and designers in the world, has been in for industrial and OEM customers to provide high-quality spectrometer, and the consistency of the product. This is because we use ULS optical platform in the world at present, it greatly reduces the noise and stray light spectrometer, and improve the mechanical and thermal stability of the spectrometer. We put the ULS optical platform with a circuit board design integration, design surplus AvaSpec - small spectrometer ULSi。 The ultra low stray light integrated spectrometer ULSi, for industrial and OEM customers to provide higher quality.

AvaSpec- ULSi2048L miniature fiber optic spectrometer as a core part of the online water quality analyzer, specifically for surface water, groundwater and water quality analysis and design of municipal wastewater. Using ultraviolet visible near infrared high sensitive CCD array, and compared to the traditional filter single wavelength ultraviolet analyzer. Can measure the nitrate nitrogen, COD, BOD, TOC and DOC, turbidity or suspended concentration; Can be single or more parameters; Calibration instrument factory through strict calibration, usually without calibration.

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