Line construction of FTTH applications of optical time domain reflectometer

by:FOT     2020-10-31
To ensure the line and the normal operation of equipment. In the FTTH line construction, maintenance, testing and repair process, optical time domain reflectometer ( OTDR) Is indispensable instrument, it is adopt the method of time domain measurement, launch has a certain width of the measured optical fiber, optical pulse and inject then returned by detecting fiber Rayleigh scattering ( Rayleighscattering) And the Fresnel reflection ( Fresnelreflection) Light signal power distribution curve along the time axis, measured the length of the fiber can detect and loss of physical properties, at the same time, the use of its powerful data analysis function, for fiber optic link points and fault accurate positioning of the events, the most important features are: optical time domain reflectometer single-ended nondestructive testing, test speed, accurate fault location. At present, the optical time domain reflectometer can use 850 nm, 1300 nm ( Applicable to multimode optical fiber) And 1310 nm, 1380 nm, 1480 nm, 1550 nm and 1625 nm ( Applicable to single mode fiber) Wavelength of fiber optic lines of measurement, the measurement is focused on validation of office end to branch, branch to each client the welding of the fiber, joint and the line loss, etc. , in order to verify the optical distance compared with the construction is correct, at the same time, also can form the database for future operators on-line monitoring test, maintenance to it to the character of the optical fiber links and troubleshooting, etc. Optical time domain reflectometer in line construction and maintenance of testing is well known, FTTH fiber with light weight, corrosion resistance, is not subject to electromagnetic interference image, in the aspect of environment adaptability is much better than cable, optical fiber links so quality depends on fiber quality and the construction process. According to the structure of the fiber optic cable, as long as in the process of fiber optic cable construction, construction in strict accordance with the specification, the cable damage probability is very small. Once the fiber optic cable construction must with the aid of optical time domain reflectometer to understand the status of the fiber optic lines, by the person's eye is not clear, so, in the maintenance of optical cable line operation, optical time-domain reflectometer test fiber link is very important and necessary. Optical time domain reflectometer generally must carry on the four times in the process of construction of optical fiber testing: incoming test, test before welding, welding and construction after the acceptance test after test. Need again after cable welding optical time-domain reflectometer test, the test has two functions: one is the test of molten contact welding loss ever beyond the prescribed requirements, once found that overweight, can timely to weld again, 2 it is by means of the test and control cable core, because of the weld would be hundreds of core fiber optic equipment will not wrong. Many of cable link melting point, the individual exceeds the melting point of the link, in general, for two reasons: one is the cause of the fiber, which points at the ends of the optical difference numerical aperture is too large, may be caused by different manufacturers, however, with the progress of optical fiber manufacturing technology, the difference is more and more small; Another is the cause of the weld, due to human negligence or fault caused by the welding machine. In the optical fiber link in the optical time-domain reflectometer unqualified welding junction, must careful test, judge carefully, for unqualified points should be taken seriously, otherwise, this point may be caused by the fiber link degradation is the most direct reason particularly fast. Manufacturer of optical time domain reflectometer is committed to high quality manufacturing and selling optical time domain reflectometer, welcome your consultation!
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