Light machine transduction makes sound, light and radio waves

by:FOT     2020-07-17
'Light machine transduction' make sound, light and radio waves to link

mechanical cavity acoustic waveguide phonon boot into light, making the team can directly manipulate suspended nano beam movement.

at the national institute of standards and technology ( NIST) Researchers have developed a kind of signal in light waves, sound waves and radio waves transformation between 'circuits of piezoelectric optical machine'. Based on the design of the system can move and store information in the next generation of computers.

the team's work has been published in Nature Photonics 'magazine, at the same time, in March 2016, at the American physical society meeting in Baltimore, Maryland has carried on the report.

Moore's law - — A think that the number of transistors in integrated circuit will double every two years - the theory of — Has proven to be very in conformity with the actual situation, so the engineers will soon begin a fundamentally limits. With the decrease of the transistor, heat and other factors will begin to produce the amplification effect in the circuit. Therefore, researchers are increasingly considering those in which the electronic components and other physical systems carry information such as the design of the light and sound to connect. If researchers can develop transform signal from one type to another type ( Transduction) The effective way to connect, these different types of physical systems will be able to bypass the some occur in those who rely on only one type of information carrier components.

, for example, light can carry large amounts of information, and usually do not interact with its environment is very strong, so it is not like current heating element. However, although the light is very useful, but it is not suitable for all situations. The light is very difficult to be stored for long periods, it can't interact directly with some components in the circuit. Acoustic devices, on the other hand, has been used in wireless communications, where the sound is more likely to long time storage in a compact structure, because it is the speed of moving much slower.

in order to meet these requirements, the NIST researchers and their partners on a single chip made a circuit of piezoelectric optical machine. This circuit is the core of an optical mechanical cavity, in their scheme that is composed of a suspended nano beam. In the beam has a series of holes, the light, Photons) Like a hall filled with reflector. Has a very specific color or frequency of the photon in leaking out in these mirrors bounces back and forth between thousands of times before. At the same time, the nano beam limit frequency for billions of cycles per second ( GHz) The phonon, namely mechanical vibration. These photons and phonons in cavity exchange of energy, so that the vibration of the beam influence the accumulation of intracavity photons, and the accumulation of intracavity photons will affect the size of the mechanical vibration. The interaction or the strength of the coupling is reported light machine one of the biggest in the system.

one of the main innovation of the researchers from the chamber and acoustic waveguide, and acoustic waveguide is channeling sound waves to a specific location of the device. Through acoustic waveguide channeling phonons in light machine parts, the team can directly manipulate suspended nano beam movement. Due to the energy exchange, phonon can change the trapped in the rubble of the device characteristics of the light. In order to generate these GHz ( Much higher than the frequencies of sound can be heard, even your dog can't hear them) The sound waves, they used a piezoelectric material - — In this kind of material, when a voltage is applied on it it will deform, and vice versa. By using a kind of enhance the piezoelectric effect is known as the 'fork is a transducer ( IDT) 'The structure of the team to establish the connection between the radio frequency electromagnetic waves and sound waves. This powerful light machine contact enables them to this is limited to live coherent acoustic energy in a part of the phonon level detection of light.

generated by electrical and optical phonon compete against each other, they also in the sound wave controllable interference effect was observed. According to one of the authors of the paper 'said Kartik Srinivasan said, the device may make detailed research and development of these interactions can be modified by photon phonon loop becomes possible.

'in order to perform different tasks in the best way, the future of information processing system may need to include other information carrier, such as photons and phonons,' NIST physicist Srinivasan of nanometer science and technology center said. 'This work proposed a transduction between these different carrier information platform.

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