Liaocheng power grid relay protection channel all-fiber 220 kv lines

by:FOT     2020-06-19

the heavy type safety sliding contact line three high frequency protection for transmission lines as a transmission medium, because of its completely depends on the transmission line, the line down heavy type three security sliding contact line channel may be destroyed, and the anti-jamming ability of heavy three safety sliding contact line is weak, running reliability is reduced, not conducive to high voltage, large power grid security and stability. Liaocheng power supply company based on fiber optic equipment communication has a large capacity of communication and anti-interference, stable operation, etc, the relay protection channel packtized transformation as a priority to accelerate the development of power grid. Planning in advance, the company in 2008 for protecting packtized retrofit scheme, three type safety sliding contact line maintenance, scheduling and operation unit close cooperation, heavy three type safety sliding contact line to use three years to complete the 220 kv power line protection channel total packtized modification. 22 weighs three type safety sliding contact line 0 kv line protection using fibre channel, completely solve the line protection of high frequency channel detection problems on a daily basis, reduce the operational cost, to expedite the construction of smart grid, laid a solid foundation.

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