Level scientific research the design of the optical fiber spectrometer, provide strong support for scientific research

by:FOT     2020-06-22
Scientific research level detector, fiber optic equipment spectrometer platform and electronics technology together, provide extremely high sensitivity and optical resolution of spectral response, provides powerful means for scientific research. Applicable to the fluorescence, Raman spectra, DNA sequencing, astronomy, and the application of membrane under low light conditions, such as reflection.

due to two-dimensional detector spectrometer can very good use of the height of the incident light slit, the scientific research level got improved the sensitivity of the fiber optic spectrometer. In our production of other spectrometer, the light into the optical bench by incident light to adjust the width of slit; Did not affect to the height of the slit, because linear detector cannot be effectively collect the light of the height of the slit. And spectrometer using scientific research level of two-dimensional detector, we can better use extra light signals from the other side of the height. Scientific research level of optical design and fiber optic equipment spectrometer with the type of grating, active reflection grating and transmission grating with holographic grating two categories, different optical grating spectrometer design scheme is different. Now is the mainstream of the reflection grating, this is due to the manufacturing process is relatively mature, so the price is relatively lower, adopting reflection grating, and to make a small volume, adopts the folding design of light path is very natural, therefore, cross road Czerny - light Turner structure ( 过车尔尼- 特纳) The market popular design; Another kind is transmission holographic grating, its main advantage is grating with high efficiency, led to the luminous flux optical system, for the application of some measurements are faint light, or fast dynamic process analysis, does not allow a long integration time, tend to choose transmission grating, of course, the scientific research level fiber optic spectrometer prices relatively expensive.
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