Let us know the wide spectrum of micro fiber spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-06-25
Let us know the wide spectrum of micro fiber spectrometer under the micro fiber spectrometer is not only in industry, agriculture, health care, traffic, environmental protection, in the field of education, also in the forefront of technology, such as the Raman spectra, fluorescent micro area, molecular spectroscopy, induced plasma spectrum, multi-spectral imaging, spectroscopy, atmosphere has practical applications. Another special purpose fiber optic spectrometer internal isolation vacuum chamber is adopted to improve the protection of sensitive device. Large scale integrated circuit ASIC, and processor can realize algorithm of user customization, pretreatment and security features. Products suitable for laboratory tests, field portable test, also suitable for 7 & times; 24 hours fast on-line or unattended over a long distance monitoring, can be stand-alone measurement, network measurement, can connect to a remote database or DCS distribution control system. Wide spectrum of micro fiber spectrometer analysis: 400 - 2500 nm spectral range covers a wide spectrum of visible and near infrared, using grating spectrometer is difficult to in the wide spectrum has high efficiency. In the laboratory using the visible to near infrared spectrometer are used more than switch raster scanning and multiple single point detector spectral measurement. With the linear CCD array, CMOS linear array device is widely used, such as the spectrometer based on line array detector. Wide spectrum of micro fiber spectrometer of cover in the 200 - spectral range Between 1100 nm, and small volume measurement speed is fast, is very popular with the market. To meet the field soil minerals, environment and site test and remote sensing ground test instruments such as demand, spectral range of about 400 - 2500 nm, also asked that the instrument is small in size, light weight and measurement speed. The spectrometer using a set of spectrograph and two sets of near infrared scan the grating spectrometer are assembled to realize wide spectrum measurement, the main problem is caused by multiple spectrometer assembled instrument bulky; Input light with three optical fibers import respectively, lead to a measurement point representative is poor; Raster scan way cause measurement speed slower. The wide spectrum micro fiber spectrometer is based on a set of spectrograph optical path to achieve wide spectral coverage, measuring representative.
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