Leather line of single fiber DP - welding machine 900 a main characteristics

by:FOT     2020-06-28

the leather line single core optical fiber welding machine, fiber optic equipment welding machine model: DP -

900 - — The main features & ndash; —

l change through flexible fiber clamp, which can realize FTTH bare fiber, fiber, leather line of docking and various joint of

l automatic function is optional, welding without buttons, improve the efficiency of engineering

l two-way operation, meet the needs of customers convenient

l5000 meters above sea level, ensure the quality of welding in plateau area

l system self-check function, to ensure that the welding machine at any time in the zui better work state

l5 inches color LCD display

l pause function, is advantageous for the scientific research

l10Ah large-capacity lithium battery can be succeeded after each charge and heating more than 200

l industry zui large storage: can store & ge; 8000 groups in place of the

lRS232 interface, dc interface

& ndash; — Technical parameters & ndash; —

apply fiber

SM ( Single mode) 、MM( Multimode) 、DS( Dispersion-shifted) 、NZDS( The non-zero dispersion-shifted, i. e. , G. 655). 法国电力公司( Mixed bait) Is not sensitive, bending fiber ( G。 657). Line, the tail fiber, leather fiber and all kinds of fiber optic equipment connector

the average loss

0. 03dB( SM) , 0. 02dB( MM) , 0. 04dB( DS) , 0. 04dB( nzd)

callback loss

& ge; Tension of 60 db


2. 0 n ( 200的女朋友) ( Standard)

heat shrinkable casing

20 to 60 mm, and a series of optical fiber heat shrinkable protection tube

welding procedure

15 set of factory preset programs, 1 set of user-defined program


in Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and other multilingual

operating environment

- 25~+50℃( Temperature) ,0 ~ 95% rh ( No condensation) ,0 ~ 5000米( The elevation)

storage environment

- 40~+80℃( Temperature) ,0 ~ 95% rh ( No condensation) Power

built-in battery: voltage of 12 v, 10 ah, after a full charge can weld/heating zui 200 times less

interface: dc voltage is 12 v, may meet external multi-function power supply ( Option)

ac adapter, ac input voltage of 85 ~ 260 v ( Option)


170 ( D) × 170 ( W) × 140 ( H) mm/3. 3公斤

- — Standard configuration & ndash; —

host, optical fiber wire stripper, ac adapter, ac power cord, wire stripper, built-in battery, charger, standby electrode, special fixture ( A variety of) , cooling tray, operational guidelines, carrying box

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