Kombucha to fluke networks simplify high-performance data center network certification

by:FOT     2020-07-10
Global communications network infrastructure solutions leader kangpu company and a leading global cable certification company fluke networks together, working to ensure the best performance fiber optic cabling. Fluke networks company will in its CertiFiber Pro ( CFP2 - 100 - Q) Fiber loss test suite ( The company Versiv wiring part of the certification system) And LinkWare Live cloud services introduced in kombucha proprietary SYSTIMAX link loss calculator. This marks a data center ultra-low loss single-mode and multimode optical fiber high bandwidth network project certification to transformational change. The SYSTIMAX calculator ( Kombucha by mycommscope partners. Com) Is a can of the SYSTIMAX low loss and low loss system overall link loss performance calculation tools. Its proprietary testing requirements set by the performance of the target far above the industry standard, can provide powerful support for high-speed data network application and architecture. SYSTIMAX link loss calculator with fluke networks Versiv integration can be realized for single-mode and multimode fiber optic equipment system automation warranty certificate. Fluke networks company vice President and general manager Eric Conley said: 'our research suggests that to eliminate the error in the process of certification can be power wiring contractor substantial cost savings. By Versiv and LinkWare Live introduced in calculators, can reduce the complexity for the customer, and make sure be able to complete the certification for the first time. ”CertiFiber Pro( CFP2 - 100 - Q) Fiber can improve the certification efficiency, simplify the setting, eliminate the error, speed up troubleshooting, more test on two wavelengths within three seconds after the two optical fiber. In addition, the modular design also supports the optical time-domain reflectometer, fiber optic equipment end face detection and copper authentication module. Fluke networks of LinkWare Live cloud services to project director can be in the office for multiple testing instrument and the project configuration and track, and save time and further reduce the error probability in the setup process. LinkWare Live is the leading cloud services for cable certification program, upload test results so far has more than 8 million. Kombucha enterprise network vice President of north Asia generosities donator, said: 'we are very happy to be able to establish partnership with fluke networks to believe that the future we can provide more quality services to our customers. Installation personnel not only to have the complete certification approved by kombucha solution, but also to ensure that the infrastructure to meet the current and future of cloud, very large scale, or needed in enterprise applications and architecture of the highest standard.
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