Know your SYSTIMAX loss target, nip in the bud!

by:FOT     2020-07-10
Know your SYSTIMAX loss target, nip in the bud! We have in the past a lot of blog, this paper introduces the fiber optic insertion loss, so you now know loss are produced by the signal propagation along the cable link signal loss, also know the insertion loss is directly related to the length of the cable - — The longer the cable, the greater the loss - — And any join point (on the link Connectors, connectors, optical splitter, etc. ) Will result in loss increase. But you might not know: although the insertion loss calculation should be simple and direct, but our research results show that there are more than a quarter of the contractor reported that as a result of the test fiber limit setting is not correct and cause fiber test results was rejected. For suppliers of clients, predict the link of the end-to-end performance of insertion loss is becoming more and more easy. High-performance SYSTIMAX sum to help customers to accurately determine the optical link loss target, kangpu company ( CommScope) Developed an insertion loss calculator, users only need input fiber optic equipment type, total length of the link, and the amount and type of connectors and connectors, can determine the low loss or ultra-low loss limit. Due to the loss is directly related to the length, so the length of the link is the key value in the calculation. The problem is that even if the fiber type and the same number of connections, rarely have any the length of the two links with the same value. As a result, customers will need to be calculated for each of the links its own limit, this is very time consuming and complex, and can increase the error probability. The good news is that Fluke Networks CertiFiber ® Pro fiber loss tester can automatically measure the fiber length during the test, so as to provide the solution of the problem. Using CertiFiber Pro built-in SYSTIMAX link loss calculator, users only need to choose fiber type and enter the amount and type of connectors and connectors, with no need for calculation of the length of the link. After each test, the tester will automatically measuring the exact length and generate the link loss limit, no more based on the length of the threshold. Fluke Networks of LinkWare the SYSTIMAX loss calculator can be embedded in the Live throughout the test plan of low loss and low loss limit load to the tester, which makes kombucha ( CommScope) Customer loss budget more effective. Testing, CertiFiber Pro to use the length measurement results to calculate link the precise limit, can be used in the SYSTIMAX warranty. So, if you are SYSTIMAX installation personnel, now is the time to consider CertiFiber Pro. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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