KEYENCE optical fiber sensor, KEYENCE sensor, KEYENCE high precision fiber optic sensor

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KEYENCE fiber optic equipment sensor, KEYENCE sensor, KEYENCE high precision fiber optic sensor / 39529830/39529839: ChanRong soldier KEYENCE FS01 series fiber optic sensor: high precision fiber optic sensor, dual monitor system using digital LED indicator and LED bar. There are three kinds of calibration methods to choose from: manual, automatic, and hybrid. KEYENCE sensor's static characteristic refers to the input signal to static, sensors, Figure 4) Between the sensor's output and input has relationship between each other. When input and output had nothing to do with the time, so the relationship between them, namely the static characteristic of sensor available does not contain a time variable algebra equation, or by typing the abscissa, the corresponding output as ordinate and draw to describe the characteristic curve. Characterization of sensor static characteristics of the main parameters: linearity, sensitivity, hysteresis, repeatability, drift, etc. 1, the linearity: refers to the sensor output and input the actual relationship between the curve of the degree of deviating from the fitting line. Defined as within the range of range between actual characteristic curve and the fitting line of zui big deviation and full scale ratio of the output value. 2, sensitivity, sensitivity is an important index of sensor static characteristics. Defined as the output increment and cause the increment of the ratio of the corresponding input increment. Use S sensitivity. KEYENCE optical fiber sensor, KEYENCE sensor, KEYENCE high precision fiber optic sensor / 39529830/39529839: ChanRong 3, hysteresis: sensors in the input quantity from small to large, Positive trip) And input from big to small, The trip) Change during the period of the input and output characteristic curve overlapping phenomenon not become sluggish. For the same size of the input signal, positive trip output signal of sensor size is not equal, the difference is called retardation value. 4, repeatability, repeatability refers to the sensors in the input amount in the same direction as the range continuous change, the characteristic curve of the degree of inconsistency. 5, drift, drift of sensor is to point to in under the condition of invariable input, sensor output change over time, this phenomenon is called drift. Causes of drift has two aspects: one is the structural parameters of the sensor itself; The second is the surrounding environment ( Such as temperature, humidity, etc. ) 。 6, resolution: when the sensor input from a non-zero value increase slowly, after more than one increment observable changes in the output, the input increment said sensor resolution, namely zui small input increment. 7, threshold: when the sensor input from zero value began to slowly increase, after reaching a certain value after the observed changes in the output, the input value according to the threshold voltage of the transducer. KEYENCE fiber optic equipment sensor, KEYENCE sensor, KEYENCE high precision fiber optic sensor / 39529830/39529839: ChanRong soldier sensors dynamic characteristics under normal circumstances, the actual static characteristic of sensor output is a curve rather than a straight line. In the practical work, in order to make the instrument has a uniform scale readings, commonly used approximate a fitting line represents the actual characteristic curve, linearity ( The nonlinear error) Is that the approximation degree of a index. There are many ways of choosing fitting line. If the zero input and full scale output point of the theory of linear as the fitting line; Or with the characteristic curve of each point on the sum of the squares of the deviation of zui small theory of straight line as the fitting line, called the fitting line zui small squares fitting a straight line. The sensitivity of the sensor sensitivity refers to the sensor in the steady working condition, FIG. 5) Output delta y to input changes under the ratio of delta x. It is a input output characteristic curve of the slope. If the sensor show linear relationship between output and input, the sensitivity of S is a constant. Otherwise, it will change along with the change of input. The sensitivity of the dimension is the ratio of the output and input dimension. For example, a displacement sensor, the displacement change 1 mm, the output voltage change is 200 mv, the sensitivity should be expressed as 200 mv/mm. When the output of the sensor, input amount of dimensional phase at the same time, the sensitivity can be understood as magnification. To improve sensitivity, can get high accuracy of measurement. But the higher the sensitivity, the measuring range narrow, stability tend to worse. Sensor resolution refers to the resolution of the sensor can be felt by measuring of the capability of zui small change. That is to say, if the input amount from a non-zero value change slowly. When the input changes value does not exceed a certain value, the output of the sensor will not change, i. e. , the change of sensor input to this resolution not to come out. Only when more than the quantity of input resolution, the output will change. Usually the resolution of the sensor at various points in the full scale range is not the same, so commonly used full range can make the output of the step change of input zui big change value as an index for measuring resolution. If the above indicators expressed as the percentage of full scale, is called resolution. Resolution and the stability of the sensor has a negative correlation.

/ 39529830/39529839: ChanRong soldier

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