Keyence keyence optical fiber sensor

by:FOT     2020-07-07

product features the FS - digital fiber optic equipment sensors Neo with global zui other details about this product's performance, please use the ICONS in the upper right after the download directory. Just one key to complete set [ New concept] A key preset brand-new concept simple set mode. Just one key display value can be set and reset the sensitivity. Automatic maintenance [ New concept] DATUM sensor can automatically detect whether the light falling due to dirt, and automatically recalibrate to early zui display status. High power to reduce artificial time [ Simple, convenient] NEO - MEGA sensor power get promoted, zui final purpose is to reduce the user in the maintenance of artificial time and Settings. FS - neo 拥有全球zui别的性能 全球功率zui大的光束 全球zui高的度 全球zui强的耐光性

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