Keyence Keyence FU - reflective optical fiber unit 43 tz type specification

by:FOT     2020-06-20

FU series Keyence Keyence reflective fiber optic equipment unit features: provide three different levels of detection, in order to meet the needs of different applications. Industry innovative double monitoring system of automatic and manual correction of 20 chip parallel processing and high precision and high power saving wiring of zero wire or single wire connection system

FU - 43 type tz Keyence Keyence reflective fiber optic equipment unit specification:


FU - Types of 43 tz

fiber unit


return reflective

zui small bending radius

R2 mm

detection distance



1 to 500 mm * 1


1 to 70 mm * 1

other power mode


1 to 320 mm * 1


1 to 190 mm * 1


1 to 130 mm * 1


1 to 50 mm * 1

zui small object detection

& oslash; 0. 005 mm gold thread * 2

environment resistance patience

enclosure protection class

IP67 ( IEC60529) Environment temperature

- 40 to 50 + & deg; C ( No freezing)

relative humidity

35 to 85% RH ( No condensation)

enclosure: SUS303 core fiber optic equipment: polyethylene acrylic fiber wrapping:


about 22 g

* 1 detection distance for the corresponding blank sheet of paper ( Standard test object) The value of the. * 2 small zui to set detection distance and sensitivity to detect body zui preferred state values.

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