Keyence Keyence FU - optical fiber sensor 23 x

by:FOT     2020-06-18

Keyence Keyence FU - fiber optic equipment sensors 23 x features: strong fiber optic sensor has the characteristics of long distance, small points of light. Please choose the type of zui suit you need. Solid stainless steel shell wide range detection head hexagonal fiber optic equipment sensor is easy to install heat type small thin light casing through

Keyence Keyence FU - fiber optic equipment sensors 23 x technology parameters:


FU - Size of 23 x

& oslash; 3 mm

length of optical fiber devices

50 cm not cutting

the environment temperature

- 40 to + 70 & deg; C

zui small bending radius

the R25 mm




830 mm * 1


180 mm * 1

other power mode


680 mm * 1


470 mm * 1


320 mm * 1


130 mm * 1

zui small object detection

& oslash; 0. 005 mm gold thread * 2


about 4 g

* 1 detection distance for the corresponding blank sheet of paper ( Standard test object) The value of the. * 2 small zui to set detection distance and sensitivity to detect body zui preferred state values.

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