Keyence Keyence FU - optical fiber sensor 18 m type

by:FOT     2020-06-17

Keyence Keyence FU - optical fiber sensors 18 m type specification:


FU - 18 m * 1

axis diameter ( Testing standard objects)

ø 1 mm

the direction of the light penetrate


opening corner

about 3 & deg;

length of fiber optic equipment devices

2 m free cutting

fiber device diameter

& oslash; 1. 0

zui small bending radius

R10 mm

zui small object detection

& oslash; 0. 02 mm * 2

environment resistance patience

the environment temperature

- 40 to + 70 & deg; Weight C

6 g

* 1 on detection distance, please refer to the optical fiber amplifier product catalog. * 2 small zui to set detection distance and sensitivity to detect body zui preferred state values.

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