Keyence Keyence FU - digital optical fiber sensors Type 12 spot

by:FOT     2020-06-17

FS - V20 series Keyence Keyence double display digital fiber optic sensor features: there is a double digital display monitor, can observe the preset value and current value. And it's set up more simple and reliable than any other fiber optic sensor. Preset value and current value double digital display board zui strong 50 & micro beam; S industry zui high reaction rate in a longer service life provide stable detection Keyence Keyence FU - digital optical fiber sensors Type 12 technical specifications:


FU - 12 * 1

axis diameter ( Testing standard objects)

10× 3 mm

optical axis width

10 mm

length of fiber optic equipment devices

2 m free cutting

fiber device diameter

& oslash; 2. 2

zui small bending radius

R2 mm don't bend

environment resistance patience

the environment temperature

- 40 to 50 + & deg; Weight C

about 23 g
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