Keyence Keyence FS - optical fiber amplifier M1 spot sale fake a penalty 10

by:FOT     2020-06-28

Keyence Keyence FS - fiber optic equipment amplifier M1 type technical parameters:


the FS - M1


basic unit


red leds

sensitivity adjustment/mode selection

8 file padder ( With light) ,好/涡轮( Switch to choose)

reaction time

250 & mu; s ( 很好) / 500μ s ( TURBO)

operation mode

LIGHT - 在/黑色- ( Switch to choose)

display indicator

output: red leds, stable operation: green LED

time delay function

delay on 40 ms/delay off 40 ms/timer ( The switch selection)



control output

NPN open collector zui 100 mA ( Zui big 24 VDC) The residual voltage: zui big 1 V

stability output

NPN open collector zui 50 mA ( Zui 40 VDC) Residual voltage: zui big V * 1

protection circuit

reverse polarity protection, over current protection, over-voltage absorber

parts extend

16 extension can be connected components ( A total of 17 parts) * 2

mutual interference



power supply voltage

12 to 24 VDC & plusmn; Pulse (10% p p) Consumption is less than 10%


35 mA zui big

environment patience

ambient lighting

incandescent lamp: zui 10000 lux, sun: zui 20000 lux

environment temperature

- 10 to + 55 & deg; C ( No freezing) * 3

relative humidity of 35% to 85% RH (

No condensation) The vibration resistance

10 to 55 Hz, double amplitude: 1. 5 mm, X, Y, Z axis, respectively is 2 hour


X, Y, and Z axis is 500 m/s2, 3 times each

the shell material



about 75 g

* 1 FS - only T1 / M1 provide stable output. * 2, such as using parts more than one at the same time, the surrounding temperature will change with the following situations. With mounting bracket will be loaded on the DIN rail, and check the output current, should be 20 mA or below this value. 3 to 10 parts: - 10 to 50 + & deg; C, 11 to 16 components: - 10 to + 45 & deg; C。 * 3 extension, under the following conditions the influence of environment temperature change. Extension, please be sure to install to the DIN rail ( Installed on a metal plate on the state) And the output current is set to below 20 ma. 1 to 2 sets in the extension: - 10 ℃ to 55 ℃ + extension 3 to 10: - 10 ℃ to + 50 ℃ to expand 11 to 16 sets: - 10 ℃ to + 45 ℃

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