Keyence Keyence FS - digital optical fiber sensors N11CP type

by:FOT     2020-06-29

Keyence Keyence FS - digital fiber optic equipment sensors N11CP type technical parameters:


the FS - Type N11CP

standard single-channel output M8 interface * 1

output type


the main unit/extension unit

the main unit output


1 PNP open collector 24 V; Single channel output zui big value: 100 mA or less; Dual output (GDP) : 100 mA or lower ( Used alone) / 20 mA, or lower ( Multiple connection) ; Residual voltage 1 V or lower

external input

1 input time 2 ms ( 上) /20 ms( 关闭) Or longer, When selecting an external calibration for 25 or more (ms 开/关) ) Response time

50 & micro; s( 高速) /250 µ s( 很好) /500 µ s( TURBO) /1 ms( 超级) /4 ms( ULTRA) /16 ms( MEGA)

connect to multiple expansion unit

how can connect 16 (zui Dual output type are seen as two units) Light source

red 4 elements LED


can switch ON/OFF ( Factory Settings: OFF) Anti-jamming unit number

HIGH SPEED without; Four FINE. TURBO/SUPER/ULTRA/MEGA 8 个( When set to double, anti-interference unit will double the number of) Rated capacity


12 - 24伏直流电± Ripple (10% P - P) 10% or less

current consumption

standard mode: 950 mW or less ( 39 mA zui big 24 V, 12 V when big 52 mA zui) * 2 eco on mode: 850 mW or less ( 35 mA zui big 24 V, 12 V big 44 mA zui) * 2 eco Full mode: 520 mW or less ( Big 21 mA zui 24 V, 12 V 26 mA zui big)

environment patience

running environment brightness

incandescent lamp: 20000 lux or less; Fluorescent lamp: 30000 lux or lower

running environment temperature

- 20 and 55 + & deg; C( No freezing) * 3

running environment humidity

35 to 85% RH ( No condensation)


10 to 55 Hz, complex amplitude of 1. 5 mm, XYZ axis 2 hours each axis

impact resistance

500 m/s2XYZ axis each axis three

the shell material

the main unit and extension unit shell material is polycarbonate


about 22 g

* 1 for M8 mouth, use cable length is less than 30 m. * 2 100 mW (high-speed mode to improve 4. 0 mA) * 3 to connect one or two units: - 20 and 55 + & deg; C; Connect 3 to 10 units: - 20 to 50 + & deg; C; Connect 11 to 16 units: - 20 to + 45 & deg; C。 Using a dual output, a unit is meter for two. All temperature rules applicable conditions are put on the DIN rail unit and installed on the sheet metal.

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