Keyence Keyence fiber FU series features advantages

by:FOT     2020-06-23

Keyence Keyence fiber FU series features: strong fiber optic sensor has the characteristics of long distance, small points of light. Please select suitable type you need. Solid stainless steel shell wide range detection head hexagonal fiber optic equipment sensor is easy to install heat type small thin light casing through Keyence Keyence fiber FU series of measuring head is easy to install, save a space, not broken fiber hexagon fiber sensing head is easy to install as long as a screw can be fixed to the module. You now have the standard optical fiber modules do not need to be prepared by the additional or repairs can be replaced. Save a space, all FU - out of trouble TZ series fiber optic modules provide concise cable and only need small installation space. This eliminates the winding cable problem. Never fracture characteristic of fiber optic cable for the use of fiber optic equipment fracture, apex can be folded like a periscope to right Angle. This design need space, far less than traditional models. Keyence Keyence fiber FU series of advantages: high power built-in lens to achieve high function built-in spherical lens to achieve high power function. Even under the bad environment can still be stable detection. And because of the built-in lens, to avoid the lens shift phenomenon caused by vibration. Environmental resistance: IP67 resin filling structure, anti-fouling power gaps between the shell and lens by epoxy resin filling, to prevent water or dust. After compared with the traditional outfit lens, even in the dirt environment still can be at ease use. In addition, the body USES SUS303 material is not easy to rust. Which can reduce the cost of swaps. Easy installation nut type, installation convenient and save space type nut, can receive cable to save space. In addition, installation is simple, and only from the side with a nut. Bending R: 1 mm bending R 1 mm is realized by using multi-core fiber optic equipment reduces the break and light intensity attenuation caused by bending, which is free to deal with.

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