Keyence FS - V33 fiber sensor applications

by:FOT     2020-06-21

keyence FS - V33 fiber optic equipment sensor can solve the problem of large-scale production line of a large company has been to use the semi-automatic product assembly process. Company put up a goal, the full automatic process development, speed up production, to eliminate errors, reduce the workload of artificial detection. The company's products each glass tube cavity must have a ball. Due to the ball moving, absence of frequently. Other sensors can detect when a ball, but you can't identify redundant ball in the groove. The reality is no ball or have more than one ball will muddle through. In order to prevent the happening of this kind of situation, a few operator must be checked more than 100 workstations, help find errors. This is a very expensive steps, and due to human error, there are often not qualified glass tube muddle through. Keyence ( KEYENCE) FS - of the company V33 fiber optic sensor solved the problem. Keyence FS - V33 sensors have 33 us response time of high speed mode, they can almost 100% detection after the ball. Speed is no longer detect ball. Secondly, they can use the FS - V33 fiber optic sensor double output characteristic testing redundant transmission of ball bearing. Write a simple PLC program can detect whether the ball there are redundant. KEYENCE FS- V33 fiber optic equipment sensor to solve the problem they all three. They are now running fully automated processes, production speed together over the performance of the sensor to detect the pneumatic ball is also improved. The operator can now spend time in other parts of the process.

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