Jinan create optical fiber tensile testing machine

by:FOT     2020-06-18

jinan create launching fiber optic equipment tensile testing machine

fiber tensile testing machine by two independent drum wheel tractor, replaceable block and tackle, blessing device, car and track, etc. Can be used for & other; Brake test & throughout; A similar test and sea cable. Can also be increased after the training wheels for performance test of connector box.

1 performance indicators. Large zui test force: 300 kn; 2. Torque speed is adjustable, typical values for 10 kn/min; 3. Shall ensure that each tractor traction rope length can be put the volume is not less than 30 meters, traction rope without torsion wire rope or similar materials should be adopted; 4. In the whole experiment can light soldering strain and decay of uninterrupted online testing, its zui test resolution should be not greater than 0, respectively. 01% and 0. 01数据库; 5. Device shall ensure that under any load values, the realization of two machine & other; A loose a close & throughout; Alternating rotation to drag sample movement, back and forth movement control in 5 - line speed 10 m/min.

more machine information, create industry company in jinan WWW. jnzcgy。 com。

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