Japanese KEYNECE, keyence optical fiber sensors, CZ series

by:FOT     2020-06-16

KEYNECE, Japan keyence fiber optic equipment sensor, CZ series, Japan KEYNECE, keyence fiber optic equipment sensor, CZ series

CZ series

1. Three times the 12 bit with high precision frequency converter/a

the three RGB color sensor resolution of 12 - Can use the actual 36 - bit, making the amplifier Bit data to calculate zui industrial high resolution calculation system is achieved. Greatly improve the stability problem in the previous sensor application.

2。 Based on RGB color sensor makes the operation of the sensor is more reliable.

is suitable for the monochrome sensor cannot adapt to multicolor discern occasion.

3。 300 µ S high speed response

amplifier with a 300 ms high-speed response module. The response speed, for example, the system can be the width of 1 mm, movement speed is 3. 3 m/s sensor tags. ( HSPD = in high speed running mode)

4。 Hidden within the stabilizer

the stabilizer can control the brightness of each LED change to maintain stability and unity of the light transmission, eliminating the influence of environment temperature and light propagation.

5。 8 color value and external tuning

'8 color memory switch & amp; Namely in the memory of amplifier eight stores the set value, via an external signal generator, such as PLC, can choose any one of these values. Users can also through an external device, such as button to trigger the SET operation & amp; External tuning & amp;





FS- V10 series

the FS - V10 series

FS01 series

FS - FS01 series

FS - V30 series

FS - V30 series V20 series

the FS - V20 series


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