Japan SUNX advantages and optical fiber sensor applications

by:FOT     2020-07-04

Japan SUNX fiber optic sensor SUNX advantages and application advantages of sensor is compared with the traditional all kinds of sensors, sensor used as sensitive information carrier, using as transmission of sensitive information medium, has the characteristics of and optical measurement, a series of unique advantages. Electric insulation performance is good, strong electromagnetic interference resistance, non-invasive, high sensitivity, easy to implement remote monitoring of measured signal, corrosion, explosion-proof, optical path can be flexing resistance, convenient for connecting with the computer.

SUNX the basic working principle of sensor is to light through the from the light source to the modulator, the parameters under test and after entering modulation OuDeGuang interaction, leads to the optical properties of the light ( As the light intensity, wavelength, frequency, phase and skewed normal, etc. ) Change, called a modulated signal light, before using the measured optical transmission characteristics of influence, complete the measurement. SUNX fiber optic sensor advantage: : chun-hui zhao: - 0769 - - - - - - The 223006080769 - - - - - - - The 22301098 address: dongguan city, guangdong province, south city road no. 1 tigers tigers of hotel business building 13 a11 rooms one. High sensitivity; 2. Has many aspects of adaptability, geometric shapes can be made into any shape of the sensor; 3. Can make sensing various physical information ( Sound, magnetic, temperature, rotation, etc. ) The device; Four. Can be used in high pressure, electrical noise, high temperature, corrosion, or other severe environment; Five. And internal compatibility with optical remote sensing technology. Japan SUNX sensor structure is as follows: SUNX sensor technology is accompanied by the rapid development of optical communication and formation of the new technology. In optical communication systems, is light signal long distance transmission medium. When light waves in transmission, the characterization of the waves of amplitude, phase, frequency, polarization characteristics parameters, due to external factors such as temperature, pressure, magnetic field, electric field and the effect of changing, so it can be used for sensor components, detection result in the size of the light signal changes of various physical quantities, this is the fiber optic sensor. Caused by external factors to physical quantities of detection device, phase change is called a phase modulation sensor type sensor, other and amplitude modulation sensor type, polarization modulation type, light type etc. Various kinds of fiber optic sensor. SUNX fiber sensor in which only plays a role of light, the light shines in the is measured by the modulation type of sensitive element. SUNX fiber optic sensor advantages: can be used for electrical isolation, there are used for data transmission, and transmission signal is not affected by electromagnetic interference. SUNX fiber optic sensor practical mostly is a function of fiber optic sensor. AnyWay, frequency current sensor, voltage sensor of frequency conversion variable frequency power sensor ( A combined current and voltage sensor) Is not functional fiber optic sensor, power measurement in a complex electromagnetic environment, has its unique advantages. SUNX sensor is a new technology of zui appeared in recent years, can be used to measure various physical quantities, such as acoustic field, electric field, pressure, temperature, velocity, acceleration, etc. , can also complete the existing measuring technology is difficult to measuring task. In a narrow space, in the environment of strong electromagnetic interference and high voltage, fiber optic sensor shows the unique ability. Optical fiber sensor has more than 70, roughly divided into sensor and sensors SUNX itself fiber optic sensor is a kind of using sensor. When the by external force is small, can produce micro bending, and a great difference to the light transfer ability. Sound is a mechanical wave, it is the function of fiber optic fiber stress and bending, bending can get the strength of the voice. Fiber optic gyro is a kind of sensor itself, compared with laser gyro, the fiber optic gyro high sensitivity, small volume, low cost and can be used in aircraft, ships, missiles and other high-performance inertial navigation system
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