Japan omron optical fiber sensor structure

by:FOT     2020-06-27

three basic structure of fiber optic sensors [ 8] Optical fiber sensor network there are three basic form, one is called single point sensor. A single fiber here only have the effect of transmission, another is called multipoint sensor, where a single fiber to string together a lot of sensors, such many sensors can share source realization of network monitoring. Then there is intelligent sensor. Multipoint sensor, outwardly grating is a section, have a periodic interval by ultraviolet irradiation. When incident, if the wavelength of the is exactly equal to twice the interval, then the light will be strong reflection, and if the under temperature or strain, and so on, this reflection wavelength will change, the sensors on a single fiber can do a lot of, connect it can be used in a variety of sensing applications. Because the fiber is soft, it can be 2 d, 3 d, so the horizontal axis is the location of the space, the vertical axis is measured object. Such a sensor network can solve the problem of what? It solves in what happened, what position the things how much a matter of strength, is also provides two dimensional information. This is intelligent sensors needed to solve problems, it has a very prominent characteristics, including small size, high strength, good stability, can be inserted in the material. Electromagnetic interference resistance, resistance to environment. Optical fiber sensor has been successfully applied in aircraft structure monitoring. We see A minus 380 and Boeing 787, they are characterized by more than half the number of carbon fiber, such as there are several kinds of carbon fiber in resin is missing, one is between layer and layer of the peel, because the material is strong, so it is difficult to implement carbonate detection like aluminum alloy material, so the researchers are now beginning to study the sensors embedded into composite material, a layer of about 125 microns thickness due to the material, so this kind of fiber optic sensor must be so small sensor, probably around 50 microns in diameter. We say that sensor network can be a safe and comfortable social neural network. Optical fiber sensor network can the diagnosis technology of network and language. Optical fiber sensor network has a lot of application in security aspect, there are a lot of domestic enterprises conducted fruitful work in this area.

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