Is it expensive to domestic optical fiber welding machine quotation?

by:FOT     2020-11-04
In our life, all kinds of products emerge in endlessly, but very few long service life, a product want to live a long life, not only by the quality of the product itself, the use of the right is also very important. For communications engineering personnel, contact more products should be light welding machine, welding machine is a high-tech mechanical products, the comprehensive nature of the higher products. is loaded after welding machine, start the welding machine, welding will automatically discharge before cleaning, discharge after cleaning, check each end of the cutting Angle and cutting quality. If measured cutting Angle is greater than the set limit value, or check out the end face of the fiber have the burr, the buzzer alarm, and display the pop-up prompts prompts the operator. Is it expensive to domestic welding machine quotation? Domestic there are a lot of quite a number of relatively cheap within 7000 yuan, but the quality of general foreign probably between 10000 and thirty thousand, the service life can be relatively. welding machine is mainly used in optical communication optical cable construction and maintenance. General principle is to use the high pressure arc to melt two fiber cross section at the same time with high precision motion mechanism smooth advance, root, make two optical fibers fused to a in order to realize the mode field coupling. welding machine, is to cut fiber on both ends of the good, according to the standard parameter fusion connection, make the light in a normal transmission signal lines.
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