Intrusion alert was grey channels

by:FOT     2020-07-16
Alert to harassment of grey channel respect of customer: hello! Thank you for your long-term support for our company and our product and attention! In recent years, the product by the grey channels of infringement, seriously affected the company's brand in the Chinese market. Gray channels, as the name implies, is not the original manufacturer's authorization, not the original manufacturers provide support and services, the illegal distribution of the original manufacturer's products, disrupt the market operators. Grey channel erosion both well-known brands also damage the end customer as a consumer shall have the right to know and enjoy the power of the products and services! Gray channels are often used with the consumer information asymmetry and the use of a variety of camouflage tempt consumers fall victim. Areas: baidu search + virtual site baidu search has become more common People's Daily life tools, when you make baidu work assistant and even make the important decisions on the basis of, will become more cautious. As a general purpose search engine baidu just give you clues, rather than the conclusion, due to factors such as web site's bidding, you search the information, is not necessarily more accurate, more authoritative. So, when you want to use the Internet to solve the problem of professional and technical, we suggest that you should go through the professional website, and the original manufacturer's website. By the original manufacturer's official web site, you can get with manufacturers support and services, has a professional staff give you trust and solve the problem. China's official website address is: WWW. flukenetworks。 com. cn; www。 cn。 flukenetworks。 Com precision instrument need the services of a professional testing instrument is known as a professional, precise and reliable, the value of professional precision is not only reflected on the product contains more professional service. The precision of the instrument depends not only on the production process, also must have a in the whole process of using professional service guarantee. Provide regular calibration services is to ensure that you are using the instrument always in the range of allowable error precision, the test results are accurate. At the same time, through professional certification training of instrument operation personnel also is the necessary guarantee of accuracy and data validity, launched CCTT technical training is the only one in the industry of design for test engineer certification test course. Courses for the purpose of training qualified test engineer talents. A compliance system + quality products + qualified test engineer to achieve and guarantee a high level of service quality, will be good to test the product performance and value. Service, instrument calibration and certification training courses, is to provide and support. Currently on the market a few illegal operator often use customer information asymmetry to change the instrument configuration, does not provide service or by means of unqualified service replacement, and the so-called low price as bait to deceive customers, make more end users suffer losses. Solution to crack down on illegal operators, standardize market order, protect the interests of users, is any law-abiding, specification, a moral enterprise must do the work. In order to you buy to the regular channel sales of the products of our company, please visit my company, the official Chinese website ( www。 flukenetworks。 com. cn) Authorized certification dealers (or contact in China http://www。 flukenetworks。 com. cn/service/buy。 html) Or call: 400 810 - 3435 or contact sales directly ( http://www。 flukenetworks。 com. cn/about/33/contact。 html) If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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