Introduction to the scientific research level fiber optic spectrometer in the application of LED measurement

by:FOT     2020-06-24
Scientific research level of the advantages of fiber optic equipment spectrometer is system of modularization and flexibility. The scientific research level of fiber optic equipment spectrometer measurement speed is very fast, it can be used for on-line analysis. Universal detector and choose due to its low cost, so the cost of the spectrometer is greatly reduced, thus greatly extend its application field. The scientific research level in functional fiber optic spectrometer AvaSoft - FULL History of software function, we can easily monitor the L, a, b, and parameters such as dL, dE change over time, even we can custom some parameters, and observe their changes over time. USB2 platform spectrometer also comes with analog and digital output, the value of the analog and digital output can be defined in the History of functions, convenient in the application of the on-line measuring control. LED measurement generally adopts two methods: photometric and radiometric measurements. Photometric confined to the visible light band, associated with the response of the human eye. While radiation measurement has nothing to do with the human eye response. Both methods can describe the radiation power and luminous intensity of LED. Radiation power is LED in all directions all fired power ( Radiation flux) Combined, the unit is lumen ( * the lumen is the unit of optical power *) Or tile. And luminous intensity is pointing in the direction the observer per unit solid Angle on exposure to the objects in the luminous flux, usually considered to be along the axis direction of the LED, unit is the candela. Scientific research level fiber spectrometer can be used to monitor the LED measuring the irradiance ( The unit is & micro; Watt/cm2/nm) , radiometric quantity ( µ Watt/cm2, µ Joule/cm2,µ Watt or & micro; Joule) , photometry ( Lux or Lumen) , color coordinates X, Y, Z, X, Y, Z, u, v and color temperature and so on more than ten parameters. Because LED face unique appearance size, resulting in its glow homogenization very hard, so far there is no uniform & middot; The standard to define how to measure the LED. So careful design and use the LED test equipment is very important to obtain effective measurement results.
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