Introduction to optical fiber using and maintenance of welding machine

by:FOT     2020-06-29

fiber welding machine is an indispensable equipment of fiber optic cable engineering and maintenance, can complete single-mode, multimode, dispersion-shifted, non-zero dispersion-shifted fiber in place. Precision welding machine structure, the price is expensive, in daily use and maintenance process there are many places need to be aware of. Optical fiber welding machine should be placed in a special box to carry transport, transit to avoid vibration, knock against, reverse it. Recommend leaving outside packing for long distance transportation. Optical fiber welding machine is a high precision equipment, it requires the use of the environment. In the process of daily use, should avoid direct sunlight, rain and snow, cold and harsh environments, such as sand, or are equipped with umbrella, tents and other tools to protect equipment. Way for electric welding machines, generally there are three, alternating current (ac), the built-in battery and dc power supply. When using a small generator for power equipment, should be equipped with a regulated power supply, in order to avoid impact damage to the equipment of the ignition coil current. Welding machine is equipped with a built-in battery is nickel metal hydride batteries commonly, have certain memory, if improper use will reduce battery capacity, residual battery before charging the battery should be in the light, suggest using welding machine to provide discharge function; If the battery for a long time not to use, battery should be charged, and the charge and discharge completely once a month. In the field construction, attention should be paid to do the clean work. Ensure that fiber fixture, mirrors, and the cleanness of V groove, if there are any dirt or foreign body, clean cotton available anhydrous alcohol. Get into the habit of conveniently close wind cover, avoid dust and fiber debris fell into the machine. The general welding machine offer automatic start function, having begun closed cover the wind machine automatic welding, suggest to turn off this function. Optical fiber fine closely cutter is an important part of the welding machine, cutting quality of the is an important guarantee of weld. In use to maintain pressure feet, V groove and the cutter blade clean. Found that cutting quality decreased obviously, the rotating cutting blade to the next blade, blade used after a circle and shall promptly replace the blade. Burning general welding machine offers a variety of welding mode of corresponding to different , should correspond to types to choose the appropriate welding mode, non-professional workers do not modify the model of the parameters, so as not to affect the welding quality. When welding machine malfunction, with welding machine self-checking function can eliminate part of the problem or find the cause of the problem, such as the problem is still not solved, should be timely supplier, please teardown. Suggest a yearly comprehensive maintenance of welding machine, to the state of the device, mechanical transmission, electrodes, batteries, the cutting knife and so on various parts to do a comprehensive testing and maintenance.

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