Introduction to absorption of optical fiber sensor system

by:FOT     2020-06-23

introduction to absorption of sensor system of semiconductor absorption sensor system is mainly composed of wide spectrum light source LD, semiconductor absorption sensor, photoelectric detector ( PD) , , and a computer. In the system, the computer control of LD produce wide spectrum of laser, laser is entered into the coupler, the transmission to the absorption semiconductor sensor. At constant when the intensity of the light source, the transmission light intensity of semiconductor materials may be changed along with the changes of its temperature. Semiconductor absorption sensors transmitted through transmission part of the laser energy to PD, the light signal into electrical signal into the computer for data processing, after processed by the light intensity - again Temperature relationship between the measured temperature are given, and displayed on the computer. The same frequency of the generator rotor mechanical and electrical frequency, 50 hz. Failure occurs after the change, natural frequency of the generator to generate the electromagnetic force is different from the normal run time, this will not only influence the running performance, will also arouse the generator rotor radial vibration, change the vibration generator. Therefore, via Bragg grating sensor vibration generator vibration condition monitoring. fiber optic equipment vibration sensor is mainly composed of wide spectrum light source SLD, fiber Bragg grating and fiber Bragg grating demodulation devices, and by using grating resonance wavelength changes reflect the vibration. Applied to grating in fiber grating by vibration can cause periodic changes in the strain of fiber Bragg grating sensor to measure the vibration of the vibration signal is input into the fiber grating demodulation devices, the vibration signal demodulation processing, light is converted to electrical signals, then through the amplification, filtering, by signal acquisition card again after input in the computer analysis of signal acquisition, processing, extract the vibration state of relevant information, such as waveform, spectrum and speed, so as to realize the real-time monitoring of the generator vibration state. Introduction to absorption of sensor system

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