Introduction of the principle of optical fiber technology

by:FOT     2020-06-26

light signal the function is to transmit electrical signals by the electro-optical conversion device to be converted into optical signals, at present, the sender electro-optic devices generally using light-emitting diodes or semiconductor laser tube. Smaller output optical power of leds, signal modulation rate is relatively low, but the price is cheap, the output optical power and drive current basically a linear relationship within a certain scope, and is suitable for short distance, low speed, analog signal transmission; Laser diode output power, high speed of signal modulation, but the price is higher, suitable for long distance, high speed, digital signal transmission.

the function of the fiber is light signals to the sender as small as possible attenuation and distortion of the transmission to optical signal receiver, now commonly used fiber in near infrared wave band 0. 84µ m, 1。 31µ m, 1。 55µ M good transmittance multimode or single mode quartz optical fiber.

light signal features are: at the receiving end will light signal by photoelectric conversion device to corresponding electrical signal, the photoelectric conversion device generally USES the semiconductor photoelectric diode or avalanche photodiode. Luminous wavelength of the light source of optical fiber transmission system must be present with fiber optic equipment low loss window of band match the peak response of the band, photoelectric detection device.

the sender electro-optic devices using glow center wavelength of 0. 84µ M high brightness of near infrared semiconductor light-emitting diodes, optical fiber using multi-mode quartz optical fiber, the receiver photoelectric conversion device adopts the peak response wavelength of 0. 8µ M to 0. 9µ M silicon photodiode.

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