Introduces the application of optical fiber sensing technology in the Internet of things

by:FOT     2020-06-23

introduces the application of optical fiber sensing technology in the Internet of things what are

in the future, the development of the Internet of things have to use a large number of sensors to obtain various environmental parameters, and thus for the Internet of things more reliable data information, and then after processing system, get the results they need. The following is the application of fiber optic equipment sensing technology in the Internet of things in detail discussed in this paper.

as we have learned, at present there are four zui widely used optical fiber sensor, optical fiber gyro and optical fiber hydrophone, fiber Bragg grating sensor and optical fiber current sensor. Among them, have interferometric fiber optic gyroscope, resonance and brillouin three types of interferometric fiber optic gyro is the very mature * generation technology commercialization stage, resonance fiber optic gyro is at the laboratory research stage of the second generation, brillouin fiber optic gyro is in theoretical research phase of the third generation of optical fiber gyro sensor.

fiber optic hydrophone based on optical fiber, optoelectronic technology is a kind of underwater sound signal sensor, the sensor through a highly sensitive optical coherent detection, the water of the sound signal is converted into light signals, and then converted to a voice signal through the fiber optic equipment to the signal processing system, according to the principle of the sensor can be divided into interference model, strength model, such as grating type type.

in the fiber optic equipment grating sensor products including strain sensor, the temperature sensor and pressure sensor, the optical fiber Bragg grating sensor is a hot research topic in recent years, most of them belong to light intensity and interference, and each has advantages and disadvantages.

nowadays, the development of electric power is growing by leaps and bounds, in this case, in the face of strong current measurement, optical fiber current sensor can be very good avoid some due to power is too strong and cause of the accident.

introduces the application of optical fiber sensing technology in the Internet of things what are

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