Introduced is suitable for the electrical installation personnel's entry-level copper certification instrument - — DSX - 600 CH CableAnal

by:FOT     2020-07-15
Introduced is suitable for the electrical installation personnel's entry-level copper certification instrument - — DSX - 600 CH CableAnalyzer ™ copper certification instrument Fluke Networks recently unveiled a budget entry-level instrument DSX - copper authentication 600 CH CableAnalyzer, can improve the productivity of small-scale cable installation work, improve the return on investment ( ROI) 。 DSX - 600 CH design for basic Cat 6 a and Class EA copper certification, can improve the responsible for copper network installation and test of small electrical contractor's work efficiency. 福禄克网络DSX - All aspects of the 600 CH simplifies authentication work, including configuration, testing and fault diagnosis, and report the results to the customer. Tester can in a short span of 9 seconds Cat 6 and Class E certification test, the Cat 6 a and Class EA certification test only need 10 seconds, make the installation personnel can test hundreds of links each day. In addition, long battery life means for 8 hours per charge for tester. With ProjX ™ system, DSX - 600 CH can help manage the Settings to the acceptance of the whole system work requirements and schedule, and ensure the test set is correct, 'one-off' properly completing all tests. At the same time, the compatible LinkWare ™ Live cloud services, means that the contractor can be from anywhere, at any time through the Wi - use any intelligent equipment Fi management work and the tester. Since 2014, the user has to LinkWare Live to upload more than four million groups of test results. DSX - 600 CH also supports LinkWare ™ PC, the contractor can be quickly and easily make professional PDF format a note to clients. DSX - 600 CH touch-screen user interface, make the technicians to spend less time instrument operation, allow more time for testing. When the link test unqualified, built-in fault analysis function can help users to identify the fault location. 'Now, if only test a small copper cable transmission facilities of the contractor will also be able to use a world-class tools to perform high precision, high quality cable certification. 'Fluke Networks senior marketing director Thomas Roth said:' the DSX - 600 CH provides basic authentication based on 25 years of experience in test leads, 13 service center throughout the rest of the world and write document number qian support team is their strong backing. “DSX - 600 CH has two versions, including the basic model of channel adapter and DSX - increases the permanent link adapters 600 CH Pro。 DSX - 600 CH may obtain Fluke Networks around the world, including the service center of 13 countries and training of 50 countries. 福禄克网络DSX - 600 CH copper certification instrument can now pass Fluke Networks China authorized dealer orders. For more detailed information, please visit http://www. flukenetworks。 com. cn/product/tonglan/。 If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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