Introduced Ethernet power supply ( PoE) Equipment installation and fault diagnosis test instrument MicroScanner ™ PoE

by:FOT     2020-07-16
Introduced Ethernet power supply ( PoE) Equipment installation and fault diagnosis test instrument MicroScanner ™ PoE - — New tools to help technicians to ensure the PoE equipment to get enough power in Beijing, China, March 18, 2019 -- has launched MicroScanner PoE tester, to speed up the power supply (Ethernet 坡) The installation of the equipment and fault diagnosis speed, including support for new standard in September, 2018, approved by the high power 802. 3bt。 Tester is not only to verify and diagnosis of Ethernet cabling, can also according to the standard of Ethernet alliance display switch can provide power level, thus it can be judged whether related equipment can get enough power. PoE's advantage in cost, efficiency and flexibility, the PoE applications, such as camera, AP access points, display and other electrical equipment, and support the use of PoE power supply switch of explosive growth. Unfortunately, neither the standard is to define the term 'PoE', but there are a variety of standardization and standardized implementation method. More confusingly, there are a variety of standard, the name of the grade of a variety of power, all kinds of non-standard, such as 'PoE +', 'PoE++' and other symbols used by everyone. The result even experts are difficult to determine which devices can work together. To get rid of this mess, Ethernet alliance launched a certification program. For different power levels and assigned a number from 0 to 8, said amount of power output or requirements or 'status'. The level of technical personnel need to ensure the power number is equal to or greater than the level of electrical equipment. When MicroScanner PoE tester is connected to the PoE switches, the display switches indicate more powerful level, it is easy to know the switches and equipment and technical personnel are compatible. MicroScanner PoE tester also provides the technical personnel to install PoE and non PoE equipment needed for the complete kit. Wiring diagram, built-in audio generator and fault point range indicator can fast track wiring problem. When the tester is connected to the electric switch port, will show a higher rate of port ( Higher support rate of 10 GBPS port) , especially to diagnose the faults of slow access points is very effective. Cable identifier can help users to clarify each cable. 'Ensure the quality of the installation of PoE network can be divided into three steps. 'Marketing director Harley Lang said:' first of all, the designer should use EA PoE certification, to ensure that the selected equipment compatible with; Second, for wiring installation certification, not only should meet the requirements of cabling, but also for resistance related parameters measurement, it is vital for PoE; Third, the technical personnel shall be equipped with the right tools, such as MicroScanner PoE tester, make sure the correct connection to provide the necessary power supply equipment. '* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * media contact: Chinese name telephone mail box Lin Huawei + 86 10, 5735, 1446, Linda. lin@flukenetworks。 Com if you have any questions or problems, welcome to contact us at any time
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