Infrared thermometer is a aiming at bad environment and the development of optical fiber thermometer

by:FOT     2020-06-30
The light of the human eye can see called visible light, mainly concentrated in 0. 38 micron ~ 0. Within the spectrum of near 78 microns. Which can be subdivided into purple, blue, blue, green, yellow, orange, red QiSeGuang. So after the red light, there is no other light? Actually otherwise, the red light after a long frequency is infrared thermometer, just to the human eye can't see. In 1800, the British physicist Hector XuEr when studying a variety of colored light heat, deliberately put in a dark room * Windows plug with board, and on the board opened a rectangular hole, hole of a dispersion prism. When the sunlight through the prism was decomposed into color ribbon. In the experiment, he suddenly found a strange phenomenon: in the thermometer outside light red light, indoor other than the indicated value of the thermometer. After many experiments, the so-called contains quantity of heat zui much drier, zui edges are always located in light red light outside. Yu Shihe XuEr announced that the sun's light in addition to visible light, there is a person see not & other ” The invisible & other; ” Located in the red light of the lateral, so called infrared light. Infrared temperature measurement combining visual target and the sensing, visual targeting systems facilitate intuitive grasp of the current condition of measured target, can also be equipped with online video monitoring system through the eyepiece. Optical fiber sensing circuit isolation processing unit through to relatively good working environment, greatly improved the ability to resist electromagnetic interference of the instrument. Will also be the circuit part placed in a suitable working environment, prolong the service life of the whole instrument. fiber optic equipment can zui length is 100 m. Infrared thermometer is a aiming at bad environment and the development of thermometer, especially the high temperature and dust, smoke larger occasions. The temperature measuring probe for the stainless steel material, with strong mechanical strength, and work in a passive state, in the absence of any protective measures, can work normally in the environment of 220 ℃. Probe with the wind blowing, if need be, can be directly to purify the air access wind sweep device, not only can ensure the optical lenses from dust and oil pollution, also can reduce probe temperature, so as to prolong the service life of the thermometer probe. At the same time, to avoid the signal attenuation caused transmission medium is not clean, so as to improve the accuracy of measurement. Probe and conductive fiber with a standard between FC joint connection, solved the discreteness of system caused by assembly process, to ensure that the plug for many times without loss of accuracy. Circuit processing units have measuring temperature real-time display function, can through the display window and key, set the user preferences.
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