Industrial Ethernet M12 - release support X connector DSX CableAnalyzer ™ adapter

by:FOT     2020-07-10
Industrial Ethernet M12 - release support X connector DSX CableAnalyzer ™ adapter can prevent the scheme and the leading cause of fault diagnosis of industrial Ethernet - — Wiring problems announced its DSX CableAnalyzer ™ series network cabling M12 - authentication tools X adapter. M12- X is the worst Ethernet environment designed specifically for the standardization of the connector, support for up to 10 g per second transmission rate. Support new adapter to connect to the M12 - DSX series products X connector wiring system, in order to initialize before running test and fault diagnosis. Panduit ( Panduit) Senior product management and engineering manager, Michael Verbeek said: 'as the leading industrial Ethernet cabling system suppliers, panduit know very well in the test, the necessity of wiring system before initial operation. Used even if the customer and the contractor are higher quality components, but in the process of installation of variable factors may cause both intermittent network fault and comprehensive network failure problems, resulting in unexpected downtime. If during the deployment, according to the industry standard to certification of installed wiring, can shorten the initial run time, and to prevent costly downtime caused by wiring reason such as accident. 'DSX CableAnalyzer product series is the industry's leading wiring system tools, support more comprehensive wiring test certification, including 8 classes and the single-mode and multimode fiber optic equipment cables, grade, conform to the telecommunications industry association ( TIA) And the international standards organization ( ISO) As well as electrical and electronic engineers association ( IEEE) Related standards. DSX CableAnalyzer ™ series products have obtained the world more than 30 wiring manufacturer's endorsement, it for the installed systems for authentication. DSX CableAnalyzer series ™ can be strict test and report pass/reject 'as a result, has complete diagnosis function, can greatly shorten the time of fault diagnosis. Vice President and general manager Walter Hock said: 'the research shows that more than half of the fault can be traced back to the industrial Ethernet wiring problem. Failure, cable connector, for example, or shielding layer fracture, affected by electromagnetic interference or damp, and the cable is not in conformity with the specifications or spend long to wait. DSX CableAnalyzer ™ series now before the machine starts running can be realized to ensure installed cable is suitable for the industrial Ethernet environment, or in the event of a failure diagnosis and troubleshooting problems quickly. 'Download industrial Ethernet product information * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * about ( 福禄克网络) Is a network authentication, failure diagnosis and elimination and global leader of installation tools, provided by the instrument is suitable for the important network cabling infrastructure is responsible for the installation and maintenance of professional. From the installation more advanced data center to recover under extreme environmental conditions of service, we always will be combined with unparalleled performance, reliability to ensure complete the work smoothly and efficiently. The company's flagship product including innovation LinkWare ™ Live, the world's leading cable certification solutions based on cloud, so far has uploaded more than 14 million sets of results. If you need more, please click the link http://www. flukenetworks。 com. Cn or concern WeChat public number. Media contact: Chinese name telephone mail box Lin Huawei + 86 10, 5735, 1446, Linda. lin@flukenetworks。 Com if you have any questions or problems, welcome to contact us at any time
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