In 2017, is a new functional tester is available

by:FOT     2020-07-14
In 2017, is a new functional tester is available at the start of the New Year, we will always predict New Year what is greater development trend in the field of testing. It is obvious that the Internet of things ( 物联网) Will remain the dominant driving force of all network wiring - — From LAN to every link of the data center. For LAN, we will see more than ever more equipment still use twisted-pair copper network wiring; And ask for a high speed link data center, and the enterprise needs to access, sending and storage of data is becoming more and more demand for high-speed link will also be expanded. But from the perspective of network cabling and testing, these changes mean? We deeply know the next. Power is higher in LAN, the new application has been more and more devices connected to the LAN is a key factor to the continuous improvement of PoE ( 对以太网) Technology of power supply for these devices. The IEEE 802 is expected. 3 bt PoE standard in 2017 approved, we will soon see through all four line to provide 60 w power type 3 PoE and 90 w power type 4 PoE. Although cisco UPOE have can provide 60 w power, but in 2017 approved standard of PoE will open the door for more support PoE equipment. Through the HDBASE - plus T provide higher 100 w dc power and video signals, for PoE LED lighting, LED TV, paved the way digital signage, etc. At the same time, many companies will try to make full use of the installed facilities to support the new technology. In September, 2016, approved by the new 2. 5/5GBASE- IEEE 802。 3 bz standard in 5 e class and 6 class cable as the goal, these lines are still more than 80% of all facilities. The new standards mainly in order to support the update of 802. 11ac Wi- Fi applications, will be more 2 in 2017. 5g/5GBASE- T products and deployment of lay the foundation. From a testing perspective, these trends are driven by a dc loop resistance and unbalanced dc resistance test requirements, to ensure that can pass four pairs of Type 3 and Type 4 PoE cable Ethernet transmission correctly - — Especially the gigabit and over Ethernet. And for those who hope in the existing update 5 and 6 class facilities in 802. 11ac Wi- Fi, because not all 5 and 6 class e cable support such speed, so the need according to the new 2. 5/5GBASE- T standard testing existing facilities. Fortunately, DSX - 5000 CableAnalyzer ( Use the updated firmware) Can easily finish all these tests. Data centers in some of the new word in order to access, transfer, and store more information than ever before, many corporate data center through the cloud and hosting facilities to help its implementation capacity and services of low-cost expansion, there are some companies will upgrade their links. Whatever the data center type, copper and fiber optic technology to meet the demand of the development. As TIA approved ANSI/TIA - 8 class wiring system 568 - C。 2 - 1 standard, can you guarantee there will be 2017 8 class cabling solution can be used in the data center switch and server distance of 30 meters or less short connection. After the products listed, please look at our support for these new standards notice - — And upgrading existing DSX - To 5000, to support such a link. Optical fiber is also there will be some changes. Broadband multimode fiber ( WBMMF) , now known as OM5, will have 953 nm wavelength bandwidth characteristics in support of the WDM, it to run on duplex fiber connection 100 Gig and future in the 8 core MPO interface application running on a 400 Gig opened the door. The good news is that new OM5 fiber test is not very complicated. Except for the 953 nm wavelength attenuation parameter, all its indexes before and at the same multimode fiber. If you are now in accordance with the preferred way to test 850 nm and 1300 nm wavelength, the OM5 applies. Tester for sustainable development in our believe that has to be prepared for the 2017 test at the same time, the rapid development of the tester itself also makes the world began to experience the IoT and the cloud bring many benefits. As more and more tester user gradually familiar with, adapt to LinkWare Live ( Has now been uploaded nearly three million sets of results) In 2017, there will be a large number of test results from any location to upload rather than the results back to the office. Because anywhere on any device and related personnel - — Engineers, installation personnel, the project manager and consultants - — Share the results, this means that the team's overall productivity will improve the speed and troubleshooting. And, by the more familiar with project personnel to remote Settings, and through asset tracking check tester location, not only improves the accuracy, but also save time - — No matter the past or the future, this is the trend of The Times. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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