IFM type optical fiber amplifier OBF509 technical data

by:FOT     2020-06-20

IFM type optical fiber amplifier OBF509 technical data through button to easily adjust the sensitivity and pulse broadening is used to check operation, switch state and the function of the LED display is used as the diffuse sensors or correlation type sensor high switch frequency, suitable for rapid processing. Can use cheap acrylic fiber working voltage electrical data work [ V] 10. 。 。 Loss of DC current 30 [ mA] < 50 protection grade III reverse protection is red light wavelength light species [ nm] 630 output function, of output light and dark patterns; ( Optional) Switch output DC voltage drop zui great value [ V] 2. 5 function monitor output is a function check the output voltage drop zui great value [ V] 2. 5 for functional monitoring the output current load zui great value [ mA] 10 switch output DC constant current load [ mA] 100 switching frequency DC 赫兹) 3000 electrical design PNP/NPN; ( Automatic load test PNP/NPN) Short circuit protection is short circuit protection type pulse overload protection is time function [ s] 0. 001. 。 。 0. 09 monitoring range detection distance [ m] 0. 。 。 1. 8; ( Correlation type sensor) [detection distance 毫米) 0. 。 。 100; ( Diffuse sensors) Detection distance can be set is working conditions temperature [ ° C] - - - - - - 25. 。 。 60 IP protection grade EMC electromagnetic compatibility certification/test EN 65-60947 5 - 2MTTF [ Years] 806 comments comments on the model used for correlation corresponding NC type fiber optic equipment sensor output function is used to diffuse a fiber optic sensor corresponding arranged NO output function model for corresponding NO correlation type optical fiber sensor output function for corresponding NC diffuse fiber optic equipment sensor output function

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