IFM diffuse type optical fiber sensor E20489 Yi Fu door

by:FOT     2020-06-18

Yi Fu door IFM diffuse type optical fiber sensor E20489 features: silicon metal sheath used for high temperature application range, can be in 150 & deg; C environment used for hard-to-reach place installation tolerance strong corrosive chemicals, small bending radius Yi Fu door IFM diffuse type fiber optic equipment sensor E20489 technical data:

application function principle of diffuse sensors to monitor scope with the detection distance of the fiber optic equipment amplifier type OKF; OUF; [OOFOKF fiber optic sensor detection distance 毫米) [40 oof fiber optic sensor detection distance 毫米) [200 ouf of fiber optic sensor detection distance 毫米) The environment temperature [40 working conditions ° C] - - - - - - 20. 。 。 150 machinery technical data weight g) 60. Sensing head version 4 straight induction thread M6 induction head diameter [ 毫米) 7 [induction head length 毫米) The total length of 45 [ 毫米) 600 small bending radius [ 毫米) 20 fiber arrangement fiber glass fiber optic equipment head materials stainless steel ( 1. 4305/303) Fiber sleeve material silicon metal accessories accessories ( Attached) Hexagonal nut: 4 x M6, special steel lock washer: 2 knurl nut: 1 x M11 annotation packaging quantity of unit 1
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