IEEE802. 3 bt standard approved

by:FOT     2020-07-16
IEEE802. 3 bt standard approved in the past week have a good news. IEEE802. 3 bt standard finally approved, is no longer the draft. If someone tells you 'standard is still in draft stage', that you should pay attention to, he is fobbed off you. The standards in evaluating whether the cable is suitable for support PoE to 802. Three level of bt, measuring the resistance unbalance. DSX series is the only the measurement can be as part of its certification test suite of testing platform. Other brands of products must be measured separately. A fluke networks use a qualified test can verify cable PoE and NBASE - T( 2. 5 g and 5 g) Ability! The next generation of PoE approved standard IEEE 802 approved by the new. 3 bt standard in view of the rapidly growing market demand and driving force, for the Ethernet power supply ( 坡) The market steady growth laid a solid foundation. IEEE 802。 3 bt 'Ethernet standard - — Second revision: 4 lines for Ethernet power supply ( 坡) 'Introduces four new categories, and the maximum power level three times. IEEE 802。 The arrival of the 3 bt herald PoE technology entered a new era of strong market opportunity and the standard is the solid foundation on which extend Ethernet alliance PoE certification plan. 'By the IEEE 802. The rising popularity of 11 ac wireless access point and including network attached storage, building automation, security, entertainment, stimulate and promote the new application, the demand for support PoE switch port is expected to soar to new heights, port shipments over the next five years is expected to reach 8. 500 million, 'Dell & # 39; Oro, chief executive of Tam Dell & # 39; Oro said, 'with the increase of the power transmission capacity, coupled with the high cost efficiency, flexibility and extensibility, PoE has become very competitive in the field of enterprise and consumption solution. 'To meet the growing market and the demand of end users, the IEEE 802. 3 bt standard provides many new features and new features, such as the four support efficient line of power transmission, and 2. 5 Gbps, 5 Gbps and 10 Gbps PoE channel definition of work, etc. The new specifications approved in September 2018, the power supply equipment ( PSE) Three times the maximum power of ascension from 30 W to 90 W, and electricity equipment ( PD) The power level of 71. 3 W。 In addition, the IEEE 802. 3 bt to increase the number of the level of support from four to eight, for 4 - respectively 90 W and 3. 84 - 71. 3 W Type 3 and Type 4 power supply equipment ( PSE) And electrical equipment ( PD) 。 “IEEE 802. 3 bt standard through clever design, can promote the rapid extension of a series of PoE cases. 'Ethernet alliance chairman John D & # 39; Ambrosia, said: 'the inherent flexibility will allow them to use a new generation of advanced technology of PoE, laying a timeless network to help. Along with the IEEE 802. Number 3 bt standard level and the increase of the scope of cases, there must be an effective way to easily identify which electrical equipment ( PD) And power supply equipment ( PSE) Can be coupled together, this is Ethernet alliance second generation PoE certification program comes in. Through the program provides a quick and easy way to identify visually compatible products, help to promote interoperability between multiple vendors, and ensure that the user fully take advantage of all the current and future PoE solutions. ”
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