HYDAC dh fiber optic sensor performance

by:FOT     2020-06-23

HYDAC dh fiber-optic sensors as compared with the traditional sensors, optical fiber sensor has unique advantages:

( 1) High sensitivity

because the light is a kind of very short wavelength electromagnetic wave, is obtained by optical phase and its optical length. Fiber optic interferometer, for example, due to the use of fiber optic equipment diameter is small, the role of external mechanical forces or by small temperature changes the optical length will change, leading to larger phase change.

assumption with 1 0 m optical fiber, l changes cause the phase change of ard 1000 ℃, if can detect small phase change is zero. 01 ard, so can measure small temperature change for l 0 ℃, its sensitivity is high.

( 2) Electromagnetic interference resistance, electric insulation, corrosion resistance, intrinsically safe

due to the fiber optic equipment sensor is to transmit information, using light and fiber optic and electrical insulation, corrosion resistance of the transmission medium, and safe and reliable, which makes it can be effectively used in a variety of large mechanical and electrical, petroleum chemical industry, mine and other harsh environments, such as strong electromagnetic interference and flammable and explosive.

( 3) Measurement speed

the transmission of light speed and the two-dimensional information can be transmitted, thus can be used for high speed measurement. On the analysis of radar signals, such as requirement has a very high detection rate, applied electronics method is difficult to achieve, using the phenomenon of light diffraction spectrum analysis can solve at a high speed.

( 4) Large capacity of information

measured signal to light wave as the carrier, and the light of the high frequency, to accommodate the band is very wide, can transmit the same optical multi-channel signals.

( 5) Is suitable for bad environment

fiber is a kind of dielectric, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to electromagnetic interference, and can be used for other sensors do not adapt to bad environment.

in addition, the fiber optic sensor has the advantage of light quality, small volume, also can be crooked, measuring object widely, good reusability and low cost etc.

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