HYDAC dh and principle analysis of optical fiber temperature sensor system

by:FOT     2020-07-02

HYDAC dh optical fiber temperature sensor is a kind of sensing device, use of the principle of the absorption spectrum changes over temperature, analysis of optical fiber transmission spectrum real-time temperature. Main material such as optical fiber, spectrum analyzer, transparent crystal, divided into distributed, fiber optic fluorescence temperature sensor. Adopting a win min polymer materials and optical fiber refractive index matching coated fiber root welding together the two outside, make light of a single fiber input the reflecting surface from another optical output, because the new win min materials affected by the temperature, the refractive index changes, so the output optical power and function relation to the temperature. Its physical essence is the use of optical fiber transmission of light wave characteristic parameters, such as amplitude, phase, polarization, wavelength and mode, etc. , the external environment factors, such as temperature, pressure, radiation sensitive characteristics, it belongs to the non-contact temperature measurement.

HYDAC dh optical fiber temperature sensor system structure

from room temperature to 1800 ℃ temperature measurement of HYDAC dh of the optical fiber temperature sensor system mainly includes the end doped optical fiber sensing head, Y type quartz optical fiber tracts, super bright light emitting diode ( 领导) And the drive circuit, photoelectric detector, the fluorescent signal processing system and radiation signal processing system.

HYDAC dh optical fiber temperature sensor system working principle is: in the low temperature area ( Below 400 ℃) , the radiation signal is weak, the system open the light emitting diode ( 领导) The fluorescence temperature measuring system work. Light emitting diode modulation of excitation light, the condenser is coupled to a branch of the Y type optical fiber end, the Y type optical fiber and fiber optic equipment coupler coupling to the optical fiber temperature sensing head.

HYDAC dh optical fiber sensing head end motivated excitation and emission fluorescent light, fluorescent signal derived from optical fiber, and through the fiber optic equipment coupler from another branch of Y type optical fiber end, consists of photoelectric detector. The light of the photodetector output signal after amplification by fluorescent signal processing system for processing, calculation fluorescence lifetime and the resulting measured temperature value. In the high temperature ( More than 400 ℃) , the radiation signal is strong enough, radiation temperature measurement system, light-emitting diodes (leds) closed. Radiation signal through the sapphire fiber and through Y type optical fiber output, converted to electrical signals by the detector, the system measured temperature is obtained by calculation of the radiation signal strength.

HYDAC dh + ions doped optical fiber sensing head end by Cr3, and realize the optical excitation fluorescence emission. With optical fiber length is 8 ~ 10 mm. End the outer surface of the fiber optic plating black body cavity at the same time, used in radiation temperature measurement. ( At this time, the fiber optic equipment black body cavity length and the diameter ratio of more than 10, can satisfy the requirement of black body radiation apparent rate constant) 。 It is worth noting, avoid or reduce the interference of fluorescence emission parts and thermal radiation, to ensure the performance of the whole system is very important.

after analysis, the interference can be found that the main performance is:

1) Fluorescence signals in the radiation background influence on fluorescence lifetime testing precision.

2) The influence of fiber surface plating on fluorescence intensity.

3) Fiber Cr3, + ion doping on the black body cavity within the influence of thermal radiation signal.

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