How to use the blackbody calibration medical infrared thermometer? And FAQ!

by:FOT     2020-11-23
Introduced: portable blackbody furnace is a kind of secondary transmission of blackbody radiation sources, it represents the emission rate of 0. 99 - Value between 1 and the forehead temperature gun before leaving the factory on market emissivity is press 1 set, so the portable blackbody furnace is ideal in the production of forehead temperature gun blackbody radiation source. Blackbody calibration steps: 1, will be ahead of the forehead temperature gun on indoor wait for 20 minutes, and should not be less than 20 ° C at room temperature. 2, object of forehead temperature gun debugging to test the model. 3, query the forehead temperature gun manual the effective test distance, according to the range test, test a minimum distance, a distance test. 4, portable blackbody furnace set wait 3 - stay steady state temperature after heating up Five minutes to start testing. 5, tests for portable aluminum circle the outside of the blackbody furnace ( Not inside) To test the starting location ( Zero position) , move back to the corresponding test position test ( Distance need a ruler to assist) 。 FAQ: 1, why the forehead temperature gun to debug to object model? A: because the forehead temperature gun before the factory is based on object model ( Object mode emission rate to 1) , in the company into the human body temperature by calculation, calculation formula of the company no relevant data, please consult. 2, test the forehead temperature gun: why do you want to test a shortest distance when a distance? Answer: the effective distance is a distance range, is in the production of gun by moving the forehead temperature of large deviation in the distance is not the distance as an effective distance, that is in the range test data are consistent, or close to agreement ( Within the permitted error) 。 Production of effective distance is determined, tests should no longer distance, temperature test other point test at a fixed distance. 3, calibration temperature why test out big deviation when the gun? Answer: based on the part of the price on the market with high forehead temperature gun checking we found that the forehead temperature gun in the case of < 38 ° C ( The object model) Test out the error is relatively small, usually is 0 or less. 1 - 0. Between 2 ° C ( The test environment may have affected) Gun, the forehead temperature under the condition of the 38 ° C or higher ( The object model) Test error is relatively large, generally is 0 or less. 2 - 0. Between 5 ° C ( The test environment may have affected) , actually this is also a kind of normal curve, can be a through the forehead temperature gun built-in software error correction, the error value into, but this way is only applicable to the sensor repeatability better to achieve. 4 why, after checking and debugging test the body or not? A: first of all the forehead temperature gun is through an ideal blackbody radiation source calibration of a product, but the body is not an ideal blackbody, human skin color, smoothness, and the external environment will affect the accuracy of the test, but in the test a normal people did not have a fever, he tests out of data is relatively accurate, Basically within the scope of the deviation) , but in a fever, the forehead temperature gun will error values with high temperature big error ( Relative test data will be smaller) , so we think the forehead temperature gun is just as a temperature screening tools, if the test temperature > 37 ° C should measure the secondary of mercury thermometer, to determine the actual temperature value. Statement: this article mentioned about the forehead temperature gun calibration and the use of forehead temperature gun with the problems on behalf of our company, only advice, not authority. If you have the same, by coincidence!
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