How to use optical fiber welding machine?

by:FOT     2020-11-05
welding machine is mainly used in optical communication optical cable construction and maintenance. General principle is to use the high pressure arc will melt two fiber cross section also let two optical fibers with high precision motion gently push merge into one, in order to realize the mode field coupling. 1, stripping cable and the cable fixed to the pan fiber frame. Common optical cable are gysts, skeleton and central tube cable, different fiber optic cable to take different stripping methods, strip after good will cable fixed to a dish rack. 2, fiber through the heat shrinkable tube, respectively. Separate different tube, different color fiber, through the heat shrinkable tube. After completion of welding, heat shrinkable tubes protect optical fusion joint can be used. 3, open the fiber welding electrical source, choose the right means of welding. The welding machine power supply, which has two kinds of ac and dc, to reasonably according to the types of power supply switch. We know that 75 ohm coaxial cable with conventional single mode fiber and the used dispersion-shifted single-mode fiber, working wavelength of 1310 nm and 1550 nm, so we should work according to the system using and wavelength to choose the right means of welding. 4, preparation of end face. end face of good or bad will directly affect the quality in place, so before welding, must first be qualified sumitomo 39 welding machine, end face. With dedicated wire stripping tool strip coating layer, then use stained using alcohol to clean linen cloth or cotton on the bare fiber brush try several times, using precision fiber optic fiber cutting knife cutting, to 0. 25mm( Outer coating) fiber optic equipment, the cutting length is 8 mm - 16 mm, about 0. 9mm( Outer coating) , cutting length can be only 16 mm.
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