How to reflect the performance of optical fiber spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-06-28
Optical fiber spectrometer is a kind of used to detect the electromagnetic spectrum of optical characteristics of the specific area of the instrument. It collects the light, then the spectral dispersion, after will light signal reconstruction like for a series of monochromatic image, thus carries on the test. Fiber optic spectrometer using Hamamatsu array CCD back according to type, compared to common spectrometer, ultraviolet sensitivity about seven times as much. At the same time, using 280 & amp; 760 nm double blazed grating, equipped with LVF high-order filters, based on 100. 0 mm focal length optical platform, in 200 ~ 1100 nm fiber optic spectrometer provides a balanced sensitivity and high resolution, is a suitable for all kinds of scientific research and application of the spectrometer. Typical applications: fiber optic spectrometer/absorption spectrum reflectance and transmission & ensp; Transmission, reflection and absorption spectrum is the sample and reference spectrum ratio, reduces the signal-to-noise ratio of the original spectrum, thus requiring spectrometer with high signal-to-noise ratio; At the same time in order to obtain more information, need spectrometer has a broad spectral range. Fluorescence intensity weak fluorescence spectrum measurement, belongs to the weak light signal, in order to detect fluorescence spectrum, generally need to be highly sensitive spectrometer. Microscopic spectrum & ensp; Need of micron scale spectrum signal acquisition, this requires spectrometer has the ability of detecting weak optical signals. · The performance of the fiber optic spectrometer can be used to reflect the following six parameters: & middot; Spectral range: refers to the wavelength of light signal can be detected by spectrometer. · Spectral resolution, can be the wavelength of fiber optic spectrometer resolution open small difference, the spectral range of the spectral resolution and spectrometer, the slit width, detector on the number of pixels, width and like yuan are closely related. · Sensitivity: can be detected by spectrometer of small light energy, it depends on the luminous flux of the spectrometer with the light sensor sensitivity of detector. · Dynamic range: can be fiber optic spectrometer to measure of the big and the ratio of light energy. · Signal-to-noise ratio, fiber optic spectrometer of the ratio of signal energy level and noise level. · Spectrum access speed: at a certain level of the incident light energy, production of a fiber optic spectrometer to measure the signal and the time required to obtain spectra. For fiber optic spectrometer, the six parameters is closely related to each other.
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