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by:FOT     2020-07-12
Infrared technology and its principle of unanimous understanding for its accurate temperature measurement. When the non-contact temperature measuring instrument, emit infrared energy, object to be tested by the optical system on detector of infrared thermal imager is converted to electrical signals, the signal of the temperature reading is displayed, there are several important factors determine accurate temperature measurement, the most important factor is the emissivity, field, and the distance to the light spot position. Emissivity, possessions reflection, through the energy and emission, the energy emitted only can indicate the temperature of the object. Infrared thermal imager to measure surface temperature, the most popular instrument can receive all the three kinds of energy. Therefore, all infrared thermometer must be adjusted for the energy emitted only read. Infrared thermometer measurement error is usually caused by other light reflecting infrared energy. Some infrared thermal imager can change emissivity, the emittance value of a variety of materials can be found in the publication of the emission rate. Other infrared thermal imager is fixed in the 0. The 95 emission rate. The emissivity value is for most of the organic materials, paint or surface temperature on the surface of the oxide, with an adhesive tape or flat black paint coated on the surface to be tested to compensate. Make tape or paint to achieve the same as the substrate temperature, the surface temperature of the measuring tape or paint, is the true temperature. Distance and the ratio of the light, the optical system of infrared thermal imager from circular measuring light energy and focus on the detector, optical resolution is defined as the instrument to the distance of the object to be metering spot size ( D: S) 。 Ratio is larger, the resolution of the instrument, the better, and the smaller and metering spot size. The laser target, only aimed to help on the measurement point. The latest improvement is increased nearly infrared optical features, can provide the accurate measurement of small target area, also can prevent the influence of the temperature of background. View, ensure that the target is greater than the spot size of the measurement instrument, the smaller the target, it should be as close to it. When accuracy is particularly important, be sure to target at least 2 times the spot size.
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