How to evaluate the performance of the fiber optic spectrometer?

by:FOT     2020-07-06
Fiber optic spectrometer has the advantage of measuring system of modularization and flexibility, can be used for on-line analysis. And general detector with low cost, reduce the cost of the spectrometer, and thus reduce the cost of the whole measurement system. Basic configuration including fiber optic spectrometer includes a grating, a slot, and a detector. The performance of the fiber optic spectrometer can use the following six parameters to reflect: 1. Spectral range: light signal can be 2 spectrometer detected wavelength range. Spectral resolution: distinguish small, zui wavelength can be spectrometer. 3. Sensitivity: can be spectrometer detected zui small light energy 4. Dynamic range: can be measured by spectrometer zui big and zui light energy ratio of 5. Signal to noise ratio: the ratio of signal energy level and noise level of spectrometer 6. Spectrum access speed: at a certain level of the incident light energy, production of a spectrometer to measure the signal and the time needed for the gain spectra for fiber optic spectrometer, the six parameters is closely related to each other, this these parameters is a basic understanding of the basic properties of the fiber optic spectrometer.
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