How to ensure the integrity of the integrated wiring block?

by:FOT     2020-07-18
Shielding wiring system field test had been demanding a tester to verify until the test block on the far side of continuity, but part of the tester is mistakenly report, unable to find out the potential problems wiring system. This paper discusses the problems on the measurement of shielding continuity related, its effect on wiring test parameters and integrity FlukeNetworks shielding method how to ensure correct wiring installation conform to the requirements of the TIA 1152 a grade 2 g. 屏蔽连续性路径连续性的屏幕通常被认为是一个简单的电气连接屏幕接触之间的近端和远程测试人员。 Although there are three main path, but only one path can ensure correct wiring termination, make cable can run according to the design. Figure 1 shows the shielding the permanent link not connected to the cable, but it is by panels, frame and construction ground wire with the electrical connection in the remote tester. In this case, the partial shielding shielding continuity tester may report is correct, even if the wiring block is open. Figure 1, figure 2 through building block on the ground path is another tester may report screen continuity but actually open correctly. In this case, the remote rack is not through building the ground connection, but there is another between the same frame right to terminate the link and open shield the link provides a continuous path. Figure 2 - through another compatible link shielding path part of the tester will inevitably get these wrong results, but DSX5000 / DSX - 8000 cableanalyzers can detect all of these cases, only shielding the continuity of the cable under test report. So that users can ensure that the test link or channel blocking connection can achieve the required transmission performance. Continuity and alien crosstalk shield the wiring system not only use balanced cables design, and the use of metal foil as a Faraday cage isolation between the coupled lines of interference, so there's a very high resistance to alien crosstalk performance. In order for it to run effectively, coupled to shield the signals should be guided through the cable shielding layer to the underground connector shield, panel, and then import the building ground from there. If any path is open, the screen will float to the ground, thereby reducing the isolation performance, increase the alien crosstalk. It would have a big impact, in some cases can reduce alien crosstalk performance, up to 15 db. Correct shielding grounding to the NEXT and FEXT and other parameters also have important significance, and the use of shielding technology to reduce line of crosstalk between system is particularly important for example Class FA and Class II wiring. Combining traditional DC continuity method integrity and shielding technology, Fluke NetworksDSX 5000/8000 CableAnalyzer able to correctly identify the building ground or other compatible wiring caused by open, to ensure that the wiring can provide compatible alien crosstalk and 10/25/40 Gb application support. These methods can also find out the distance to the shielding failure, in the case of open shielding greatly reduce troubleshooting time. Industrial standard conformity shielding continuity test has been at the scene tester TIA and IEC 61935-1152 1, but did not say the path of the continuity of related guidance. TIA 1152 a solved the problem for the first time, clarified for the 2 g 8 kinds of wiring test level tester shielding test requirements. 'In addition, it is well known, to level 2 g tester, shielding continuity along the path of wiring test' - TIA 1152 a 4. 2. Article 2 because many grade V and the following tester is not conform to this specification, so it applies only to grade 8 classes 2 g tester, further emphasized the importance of shielding connection and alien crosstalk of 8 classes of applications. Fluke Networks not only conform to as high as TIA 8 classes and ISO/IEC Class II on Level 2 g DSX 8000 request, also accord with V DSX 5000, covering up to TIA Class EA and ISO/IEC Class all categories of FA. DTX and DSX series tester is the difference between the continuity measurement using shield the integrity technology standard is 5000 / DSX8000CableAnalyzer DSX. DTX CableAnalyzer and some other cable tester manufacturers rely on basic continuity measurement technology, which can cause incorrect results as shown in table 1. Open circuit wiring measurement by shielding construction ground connection auxiliary compatible link connection DTX/other shielding continuity results DSX shielding continuity tick the correct results no no no) DTX & amp; DSX no no no is no tick) is the square root) is the square root) is whether) X X X is) only DSX is) whether XXDTX & amp; DSX table 1 - DSX DTX shielding test results and conclusions the correct wiring block termination is the key to the realization of system performance, especially the alien crosstalk and internal crosstalk parameters, but if there are other wiring or building ground path to connect to the remote tester, would not all wiring device under test can identify. Fluke Networks DSX 5000 and DSX 8000 CableAnalyzers can correctly according to the request of TIA 1152 a level 2 g along the path test wiring and detect the fault distance to troubleshoot faster.
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