How to deal with OM5 cable standard - — WBMMF?

by:FOT     2020-07-13
How to deal with OM5 cable standard - — WBMMF? Previously known as broadband multimode fiber or WB MMF OM5 become a very popular topic, because the relevant standard after extensive discussions, now finally settled. So what is OM5? In simple terms, it is a version of the OM4 fiber, in the 953 - nm wavelength with extra bandwidth characteristics. But of course, this is not all of them. The standard is there any progress? The U. S. telecommunications industry association ( TIA) In October 2014 set up a working group, for the broadband multimode fiber ( WBMMF) 50/125 mu m standards provide guidance, the standard designed to support the short wave wavelength division multiplexing ( SWDM) Transmission. TIA- 492 aaae standard promulgated in June 2016. IEC WB MMF is expected to be completed in early 2017. What's the different OM5? OM5 optical and mechanical properties of OM4 50/125 mu m indicators, including effective modes of the 953 nm wavelength bandwidth and attenuation of the additional specifications. WB MMF to between 846 and 953 nm wavelength range using the vertical cavity surface emitting laser ( VCSEL) Transceiver. What is a SWDM? SWDM is proprietary wavelength division multiplexing ( WDM) Technology, the use of four wavelengths from 850 to 940 nm range. SWDM transceiver is designed in the transceiver OM3 / OM4 use 2 core link. SWDM VCSEL transceiver is expected to achieve all-round commercialization in 2017. See figure 1. Can be used on OM5 SWDM? You can. SWDM transceiver with OM3 / OM4 / OM5 compatible optical connection solutions. How much is the expected SWDM data rate and distance? 40/100 gbe expectations of greater distance shown in the following table. OM3OM4OM540G SWDM75 SWDM240 meters 350 meters 440 meters 100 g m, 100 m 150 m prescribed OM5 effective mode bandwidth ( EMB) What is the value? emb旳4700 mhz·公里@ 850 nm emb旳2470 mhz、953公里@ nmom3 / om4和om5 emb值有什么区别? For OM3 / OM4, only in the 850 - nm wavelength regulation 2000/4700 MHZ · km EMB value respectively. OM5 EMB values in both 850 and 953 nm wavelength has a regulation. Why OM5 EMB at 953 nm wavelength value is lower than 850 nm wavelength? A better system performance can be combined with low dispersion and high EMB. For typical fiber, ideal emerged on the zero dispersion wavelength of 1310 nm. Due to the 953 nm to 850 nm is closer to 1310 nm, so the dispersion is low, so the requirement to the EMB is low, in order to achieve the same as the picture below the system performance. Such as Ethernet and fiber channel optical transmission standard of OM5 rules? No OM5 or SWDM transmission standard. Transmission standard usually include only choose according to economic, commercial and technical standards of a multimode fiber type. Parallel transmission is the default data rate of 40 g or multimode fiber optic equipment type. Cable sheath color OM5 will use? TIA regulation OM5 official cable sheath lemon green in color. This new technology would require a new polarity method to achieve the double core fiber optic equipment connection? Don't need. Can use the traditional corning general solution polarity connection. More are expected to use Base - end users 8 or Base - 12 MTPR backbone cable and MTP to LC module or wiring harness to deploy solutions, to break down to 2 core LC interconnection. Need to be done in both 850 and 953 nm wavelength channel loss measurements on the job site? Don't need. Conform to the requirements of the 850 nm 953 nm channel loss measurements can be used for scene demonstration channel loss consistency. BiDi transceiver can be used with OM5? You can. Corning EDGE of optical fiber communication and EDGE8 solutions with OM4 and OM5 hae the same capacity to 40 g BiDi 200 m distance. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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