How to correctly set the OTDR test parameters?

by:FOT     2020-11-05
Recently many customers friend consulting me about the problem of OTDR, when using OTDR, to accurately test the fiber length and attenuation, before starting the test related parameters must be set correctly. Main parameters are: broadband and the average refractive index, pulse time, at the same time, how to use the cursor accurate point is also very important. A, refractive index fiber group of refractive index have bigger influence on the long test Settings are accurate. The refractive index value given by the manufacturer, different manufacturers of OTDR its distance algorithm also slightly different. Generally speaking, the long distance test error of OTDR is composed of the following three factors: 0. 000025% test distance & plusmn; OTDR range resolution & plusmn; Optical fiber index of refraction error caused by 2, pulse width and set theory, the average time for the same period of , the pulse width, the greater the distance test error. But if pulse width is small, can not accurately identify the and the noise level at the end of the line. Operator should select the appropriate pulse width according to actual condition, the principle is the guarantee to identify the end of the case, as far as possible little to set the pulse width. Three, correctly use the cursor to take the operator when using OTDR, because take the error is inevitable. For the launch event, take the position should be in the starting point of the curve is steep; For the reflection events take place should be in the starting point of the curve is steep fall. When the test curve of fault point should be amplified and then determine the precise fault point location.
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