How to choose the domestic fiber optic spectrometer optical resolution?

by:FOT     2020-06-30
How to choose the domestic fiber optic spectrometer optical resolution? Domestic fiber optic spectrometer generally include incident slit, collimating lens and dispersion components ( Grating or prism) , focusing optical system and detector. In the monochromator often including exit slit, make a very narrow part of the whole spectrum irradiation on single pixel detector. In the incident and exit slit of the monochrometer often fixed position and width adjustable, can be achieved by rotating grating to scan the entire spectrum. In the ninety s, the rapid development of a pixel optical detector in the field of microelectronics, such as CCD, photoelectric diode array ( PD ) Array, etc. , made it possible to producing low-cost scanners and CCD camera. The United States ocean optics spectrometer using the same CCD and photodiode array ( PDA) Detector, can be a quick scan of the whole spectrum without moving grating. Because of optical communication technology greatly increased demand for , thus developing the low loss of quartz . The can be used to measure the , the tested samples produced by signal optical transmission in the optical platform of spectrometer. Due to the coupling of the fiber is very easy, so you can easily set up domestic fiber optic spectrometer composed of light source, sampling accessories and fiber optic spectrometer modular measurement system. The advantages of spectrometer is system of modularization and flexibility. Taiwan advanced optical co. , LTD. Optical fiber spectrometer measurement speed is very fast, it can be used for on-line analysis. Universal detector and choose due to its low cost, so the cost of the spectrometer is greatly reduced, thus greatly extend its application field. How to choose the optimal optical resolution? Optical resolution of the spectrometer is defined as the spectrometer can distinguish between open small wavelength is poor. To separate the two spectral lines are imaging them to at least two adjacent pixel detector. Because the grating to determine the different wavelengths in the detector can separate degree ( Dispersion) , so it is a very important decision spectrometer resolution parameter. Is another important parameter into the beam width of spectrometer, it basically depends on the spectrograph installed on a fixed width of the incident slit or core diameter ( When there is no installation slot) 。 Domestic, fiber optic spectrometer in the specified wavelengths in the slit on the detector array into the like will usually cover a few like yuan. If you want to separate two spectral lines, you must put their dispersion to the elephant size plus one pixel. When using large core diameter of the fiber, can choose than through core diameter narrow slit to improve the resolution of the spectrometer. Because it will greatly reduce the width of the incident beam.
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