How to choose fiber optic spectrometer relevant configuration

by:FOT     2020-06-29
According to different applications in the field of fiber optic equipment spectrometer, the user must adopt modular design of a variety of optical components and options to choose. This will focus on how to choose appropriate according to your application of grating, slit, detectors, and other options. 1. Wavelength range in zui optimized configuration for a spectrometer system, wavelength range of grating model is first important parameters to consider. If you need a relatively wide wavelength range, we recommend that you use 600 lines/mm grating ( Please see the spectrometer grating selection in products section table) 。 Another important element is the choice of detector. Ocean optics companies in the United States provides 7 types have different characteristic curve of the detector sensitivity. For uv ( UV) Application of band can choose deep ultraviolet ( DUV) Enhanced 2048 or 3648 pixels CCD detector. In the near infrared ( NIR) Band, there are two different InGaAs detector can choose. If you need to have both a wide wavelength range and high resolution, the multi-channel spectrometer is zui preferred choice. 2. Optical if you need a high resolution optical resolution, we recommend that you choose to 1200 lines/mm or higher line of logarithmic grating, at the same time choose close seam and 2048 or 3648 pixels of a CCD detector. For example, for Maya2000pro spectrometer, can choose 10 um slit to obtain zui better resolution. ( See spectrometer products part of the optical resolution chart) 。 3. Sensitivity of sensitivity photometry ( Spectrometer can detect zui small signal strength is how much? ) High sensitivity needed for such as fluorescence and Raman spectrometer application, we recommend that you choose to adopt the thermoelectric refrigeration type 1024 pixels two-dimensional QE65000 ccd-array detector, but also to select detector condenser lens, SAG + UPG reflector, broad slit ( 100 um or wider) The model can be used in a long integration time ( From 7 milliseconds to 15 minutes) To improve signal strength, and can reduce the noise and improve the dynamic range. 4. Measuring time and data transmission speed spectrometer data acquisition capabilities can be through the use of array detector and the way of using movement components is greatly increased. However, for each specific application has its zui optimization detector. As for the application of quick response, we recommend USB2000 + spectrometer, zui small integration time is 1 millisecond, ever zui fast fiber optic spectrometer. And for those who is very strict with data transmission time of the application, we recommend to choose USB2000 + spectrometer, through USB2. 0 interface can complete 1000 complete data collection every second.
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